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Grateful to call WL home


Yesterday, on Sept. 11, like many of you I paused to remember that fateful day 12 years ago when so much about our lives changed. That violent event shocked many of us into mourning for the thousands who died and the death of our own innocence.

Since that day — we have seen many nations struggle for safety, security, peace and a sense of normalcy. The deteriorating human condition of so many around the world transcends borders, religions, social and economic classes. Within this context, I reflect on my life here in West Linn — and the life of my family, friends and neighbors — and I am eternally grateful for this place we call home.Yesterday, on Sept. 11, I had the pleasure of taking a preliminary tour of the new Youth Music Project building in Willamette. Both my son and I are signed up for classes. A tour of the building seemed like a good idea before heading down for class in a few weeks. I certainly did not anticipate the overwhelming excitement and hope I would ultimately feel while touring the facility.

On a day that marks when things “fell down,” this building and program are “going up.” The facility is in process of being transformed into an artist’s dream — with areas for music classes, art classes, individual instruction, coffee and café eats, and the most well-appointed and beautifully architected performance hall. Charles Lewis, the executive director, discussed the nuts and bolts of the space with punctuated precision — like a father discussing his child’s first steps. With its origins as a church, ceilings soar in various practice rooms and the performance hall. This program and this space highlight how lucky we truly are to have people and places dedicated to nurturing ingenuity and creativity. It is through our ability to envision ourselves as something different, artistically, that we and our children have the possibility of solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

While Sept. 11 might remind us of what was lost, each day we are presented with the opportunity to build something new. With the addition of the Youth Music Project facility in West Linn, I am again reminded of how grateful I am for this place we call home.

Karen Hensley is a West Linn resident.