Remove city park and rec fee

Come November, West Linn voters will decide on whether to pass a $24 million bond issue for a proposed swim and recreation center. It would be my wish that on the ballot at that time would also be a measure to repeal the parks and recreation fee that now costs every West Linn household approximately $11 a month. The city, according to Oregon State Law, is able to charge such a fee. However, in reality this so-called fee is a tax.

If I believed the “fee” was used for purposes that indeed worked for environmentally correct scenarios in our parks, I would support the fee. However in recent years, too much has gone terribly wrong.

An example: Fields Bridge Park. At this site — as everyone now realizes and city council is adamant as ever in its denial — the gross ineptitude of over-all planning at this site, which is a natural wetland habitat, has been stunning.

And currently in the city’s insensitive planning process is a scheme to create 50 more parking spaces at the Tualatin River’s edge at Field’s Bridge Park. The parks department defends this idiotic decision with the ludicrous claim that the community garden in the park has 50 plots and that 50 spaces for parking are needed. But let’s get real ... 50 gardeners showing up at the same time to water their tomatoes? Really?

Andy Rocchia

West Linn

Vote no on $24 million aquatic center

Does anyone feel like paying another extra $300 a year for this kind of luxury at the time of slow economic recovery?

If you look carefully at your property tax statement you see general education and government taxes and also several more items. Those are the things like this aquatic center is. Imagine you wouldn’t have those items there. You would end up paying about 20 percent less per year. Maybe not quite 20 since we probably needed a new police station. But aquatic center? What will those creative minds who don’t care about our time and money come up with next time? A golf course, an ice rink?

If you are like me and disagree with the way this city council wants to spend our money, please vote no on 3-432 this coming November. On the other hand, if you emotionally like the idea, please think about us who cannot or do not want to use an aquatic center.

It’s not a good idea to borrow that much money at this time when our country is trying badly to get back on the economical feet. It’s like signing a lease on a new Cadillac while making a minimum wage.

And don’t forget, you will end up paying for aquatic center operation for many more years to come since they generally lose money. Again, I ask you to think this over with a sober mind. That’s all. Thank you.

Tomas Pudil

West Linn

Always remembering


I am so humbled by the support West Linn shows for its current first responders and military each 9/11. West Linn Boy Scout Troop 149 tied more than a thousand ribbons to start and I was inspired speaking to two of Mr. Sobotta’s West Linn High School civics classes when they visited the A Street Bridge yellow ribbon project. I had to refill the ribbon bucket three times last week as literally hundreds of you stopped by to tie a ribbon in memory of the first responders, innocent victims and military lost because of 9/11 — nearly 10,000 — all someone’s son, daughter, spouse, mom or dad.  

Down at Willamette Park on the 11th, the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of Oregon and other agencies displayed vehicles, the Patriot Guard stood a flag line under a huge suspended flag over the dock and dozens of first responders and uniformed veterans joined the audience while our local TVF&R Station 59 crew manned the fire boat for the 5-5-5-5 bell ringing ceremony on the river. We all were humbled to honor the Percin family and their WLHS graduate son, John Jr., who lost his life fighting a wild fire and keeping us safe last June. 

Thank you to TVF&R, AMR, Clackamas County Sheriff, West Linn police, the hot shots and all of our local military servicemen and women for all you do — and especially for risking your lives so we can live the American dream free and safe.

Dean Suhr

West Linn

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