New chicken code could prove problemsome

West Linn will soon adopt new municipal code that permits citizens to keep up to five domesticated chickens.

I have nothing against chickens, but I am concerned that this might be a fad. If so, I foresee a problem where people want to get rid of their chickens but cannot bear to destroy them.

In anticipation of this, I would like to announce the opening of the West Linn Chicken Rescue and Dumplings. Just bring us your unwanted chickens and we will provide a nice warm home for them. Unfortunately, you will not be able to visit them because of liability reasons.

Bob Martin

West Linn

Pool will provide true ‘center’ for West Linn

In a few weeks our community has an opportunity to do something wonderful by voting yes on Measure 3-432 to build a community pool and recreation center.

I’ve watched with interest over the past three years as a citizen task force vetted and re-vetted various options for a center. Their work followed decades of positive feedback and votes from the citizenry.

At first, I was skeptical. Skeptical about the cost. Skeptical about whether the town would support it. Skeptical about the economy.

But my thinking evolved. It’s now clear to me what a tremendous opportunity we have to do something truly good for ourselves, our families and neighbors.

The center will provide access and amenities for our children and their friends, seniors seeking to stay active, and families and adults seeking healthy activities.

Building a community pool and rec center will provide a true “center” for West Linn, a place for us to be a community.

In addition, the community pool and recreation center will increase the value of our homes and differentiate West Linn as a desirable place to be and live.

Join me in voting yes on Measure 3-432. What a wonderful thing for our community!

Marshall King

West Linn

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