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Concerns voiced about WL's city manager


I recently completed an online survey regarding our city manager’s job performance. When considering his performance, I reviewed four primary responsibilities he agreed to do when hired.

No. 4 on the list was “providing policy advice to the council and maintaining open communication with the community as to foster responsive and courteous public service.”

My personal experience with Mr. Jordan involved him invoking “ex parte communication” to block any interaction between citizens concerned about Lake Oswego-Tigard and our city staff and council. This included him and our city attorney personally interrupting testimony during council meetings to stop us from talking.

Most recently, his staff came up with the “Cut the Red Tape” plan. The original submission to the planning commission contained wording that denigrated the role of neighborhood associations and our own planning commission in determining the future development in the city. A new planning director (reporting to Mr. Jordan) would make the process “more efficient” by assuming authority over many of the planning decisions. Our planning commission rejected this proposal in its entirety because of their concerns about the direction this would take our city.

The last concern I would like to mention regards all of the large trucks that have descended on our neighborhood with construction commencing on the LOT water treatment plant. During early discussions on plant safety the trucks were cited as simply too big for our streets. Now we have a number of reports filed with the West Linn police noting unsafe situations including near collisions with the trucks. After numerous complaints came to the attention of Thomas Frank on our city council, he contacted LOT with our concerns. Their response was that our city has waived the requirement for their trucks to stay in their own lanes if it appears safe to their drivers.

How many accidents are you aware of where the driver said he saw the pedestrian or oncoming car and proceeded anyway? Our city manager is supposed to be responsive to our concerns and apparently he is content to wait until the first child is run over or citizen is hit by a truck to take this issue seriously.

Lamont King is a West Linn resident.