On Nov. 5, please vote yes on Measure 3-432 in support of the proposed West Linn aquatic community center. We have an exciting opportunity to strengthen and enhance West Linn with a project that will serve young and old as a focal point for fitness and community development.

There is a tremendous need for this sort of facility here in our town. The nearby options for indoor recreation are limited. Neighboring public indoor pools are largely older conventional facilities without family-oriented recreational pools or other fitness equipment. Other options include pricey private fitness centers, located well away from West Linn. There would be tremendous benefit to having a public facility that will bring West Linn residents back home, strengthening community ties and building healthy bodies.

Young families are the heart of our community — they will be enthusiastic users of the center. We have a teenage population that needs a healthy environment for after-school activities. As adults in the community, we will appreciate the opportunity to come in out of the rain for year-round indoor fitness and maybe even a soak in the whirlpool. We also look forward to using the community meeting space. There truly is something for everyone in the proposed center, swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

Some oppose the center, citing the expense. We believe that the sort of amenities provided by the center will attract people of all ages to West Linn, increase property values and energize our community for the future. With municipal bond rates at historic lows and construction prices moderated by the recent downturn, there may never be a more cost-efficient time to make this investment.

We are tremendously appreciative of the thoughtful planning that has gone into the current proposal. After over a decade of effort and debate, our community has invested a great deal of time, effort and money into developing a viable vision of what this project can do for West Linn. Voters approved a ballot measure to study and purchase land for the recreation center. Since then, our city and the advisory task force have produced a series of detailed plans, building on vigorous community input and the best information available. The resulting proposal is as reasonable as it is exciting, and it is your Nov. 5 vote on Measure 3-432 that can make the aquatic center a reality for West Linn. Please do vote yes!

Shannon and Jay Frysinger are residents of West Linn.

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