Turn in vandals of Sunset Market

How disappointed I was to awake Sunday morning to find the Sunset Market marked with graffiti.

All three of my boys have learned how to make change from a dollar at this store from this family, they have spotted them change when they didn’t have enough.

The individuals responsible for this should be ashamed, and unfortunately we may not know who did this, but as a neighborhood I hope we can come together and support our little yellow store. Help them repaint and show them that the language used on the side of their building and their door does not reflect the feelings of our neighborhood.

I am angry this happened on my block and disappointed, but am also awake that this can now happen even on my street. I hope that if you saw something you will turn in those who did this.

Shawn Hughes

West Linn

Pool a luxury city cannot afford

The point of this letter is to add some clarity about the aquatic center bond measure on the November ballot.

Supporters have written that the swim team will be able to practice there. When the ballot measure was talked about in front of the city council, the parks director pointed out that the water in this type of aquatic center is too warm for swim teams. So forget about swim teams using it.

The real cost has also been underestimated. The average assessed value of houses in West Linn is $283,000 and the average house will be paying is $145 a year for 30 years plus a chunk of the $1.5 to $1.8 million yearly cost of operations. If memberships only cover half of this, expect another $80-$120 in costs per year and as the facility ages, costs will increase, and you still don’t get to use the pool without paying for a membership. So $145-$355 is the real number depending on membership sales.

Supporters have said in the plan that they have used “aggressive” estimates to support their position. They plan to draw from 50,000 people including neighbors of the North Clackamas Aquatic Park. Is this realistic? To cover $1.5 million in operating costs would require 5,000 people to pony up $300 a year per person in membership fees. That is 20 percent of the population of West Linn that needs to pay, otherwise you will be covering the costs with your property taxes.

West Linn has some more important bond measures coming soon. The whole water infrastructure will be a big one. For instance, the cost of replacing the Bolton reservoir will be expensive. Also city fees are going nowhere but up. So, can you afford this luxury?

Jack Norby

West Linn

Vote yes for aquatic center

Did you know? After decades of expensive surveys, advisory votes, feasibility studies, all showing enthusiastic support, this is the first time you have had a chance to vote on a bond measure to actually construct a year-round city pool, recreation center?

We are “can do” citizens. Less capable communities have accomplished this. Now we have the opportunity.

An investment in West Linn citizens: We have learned through investing in top consultants that area demographics are excellent for revenue-neutral operations for this smartly designed, cost-effective facility. We can expect this facility to meet community needs while not burdening us with debt.

We can also look forward to it adding to the prosperity of our community by encouraging more business commerce and offering 70-plus jobs for teens and adults.Safety: Every child (and adult) needs the life-saving skill of swimming. For the first time West Linn will be able to have classes in all types of water safety and sports year-round. Health: Our community will be more fitness-minded by having access year-round to swimming and exercise, a great cardiovascular workout for everyone.

Clubs of all ages can meet and train for marathon events and lap swimming. Water therapies can be a quick way to recovery. Our kids and teens: Our city will finally have facilities for programming year-round activities. Facilities for weight training and attending healthy events for infants to teenagers — all with a place to recreate away from televisions and video games. Our youth will have a safer place to hang out.

Did you know that the most frequently asked question asked by newcomers in our area is, “Where is the pool?” Now is the time to vote yes to be able to answer with directions instead of apologies.

Parris Chargois

Former chairwoman West Linn Parks Advisory Board

Aquatic Task Force

WAC Board of Directors

Contract Publishing

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