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Did West Linn win the Powerball lottery that Mayor John Kovash wants us residents to allow him to burden us taxpayers with another vagary? An aquatic center it is this time — at a cost of $24 million. Wow, what a deal!

We could have built three police stations in the city at that rate, one at each end of the city and one on top of the hill.

Did I miss something here, or did Mr. Kovash forget where he lives?

Of course he might have plans to retire elsewhere and have us carry on this insulting project, which is also supported by current council as well.

OK, to date, we all read the opposition on this ballot in the Tidings over this aquatic center, another unsuitable huge-sized industrial infrastructure in our small city.

Are we letting current council take us on a bankruptcy spree? Please vote no on aquatic center ballot on Nov. 5 election.

This perpetual cost on such infrastructure, plus maintenance expenses, plus any lawsuit due to unfortunate incidents and/or accidents generated from these pools and the extra staff will be a bottomless liability to us residents perpetually.

Please do your arithmetic carefully.

One wishes to have a pool? Let’s see: at a cost of $371 dollars annual taxes on a West Linn average home, plus all the unavoidable related expenses to cover this caprice, comes close to $500 yearly to each of us. This is nothing short of lacking in leadership from municipality savoir-faire governance, this project is a public commodity only.

At these rates and fees, one would be wise to invest and obtain its own private pool, keeping it healthy and paid up in a few years, too.

Public aquatic center services all citizens from the region, while we residents are accountable in perpetuity, such as taxes, plus expenses, plus lawsuits, plus deficits, etc.

Therefore, we need to pull together and vote no for this ballot measure.

Let’s also point out that those who propelled this aquatic recreation center (again) could well be moving on from West Linn, leaving us to own up (hold the bag for) this unwanted souvenir.

With 55 years of residency in West Linn, I was here to bring forth this city I love into its future and evolve it with timely progress benefitting all residents. I was here to encourage and propagate the city’s necessary sewer facility — tri-city — I was here for Interstate 205, etc. I was here most recently for our greatest asset: the police station. I was here with its ground works and propelled its merit.

However, an aquatic recreation center is just that, amusement, it is not beneficial to our residents nor profitable to West Linn economic development where small businesses already suffer the lack of consumer support consequences with the “shop local” advocacy.

In cases where medical swimming is prescribed by a physician, the patient is required to attend a pool facility with professional therapists.

OK, a no for this recreation center is the proper decision to cast your ballot.

This is no time to be frivolous and spend-free. Please join me to cast a no ballot on Measure 3-432 this Nov. 5 election.

The vote is no. Thank you.

Alice Richmond is a West Linn resident.

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