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West Linn aquatic and community center — vote yes

We will be voting yes in support of the West Linn aquatic and community center. The community has been discussing construction of a municipal pool since we moved here in 1977. It is past due when this project should have been completed.

A committee has been studying and planning this facility for several years. If we don’t follow through now, it’s likely to never happen. Now is the right time to approve this project especially when interest rates are still low. It’s too late for our children, but we look forward to the benefits our grandchildren will receive. This is for them and all the other children which will be growing up in West Linn now and in the future.

Jerry Andersen

West Linn

Pool is not neighborly

Could there be unintended consequences from a splashy new swim center? Like, who gets the bill to cover the increased deficit of the North Clackamas Aquatic Center (and others) as they lose market share to the business savvy city of West Linn. Hardly seems neighborly. The Pogo quote comes to mind, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Stu Greenberger

West Linn

The pool is not free

Supporters and even the city council have implied the aquatic center is yours to use if you vote “yes” on your ballots. Neither the proponents nor the explanatory statement in your ballot package approved by your council mention the annual fee every citizen will be required to pay before they will be admitted. This fee will be between $500 and $1,000 each and every year. They also fail to mention the anticipated annual deficit, somewhere between $125,000 and $750,000 that will have to be covered. Yes, the ballot measure is correct: The cost for the construction will be approximately 53 cents per thousand valuation but that is chump change compared to the overall costs.

This measure and its impact on the future financial viability of our city will be devastating. We need more school days, an updated water delivery system and upgraded streets. Vote no on this pipe (pool) dream.

Boyd Brown

West Linn

Teens need a place to hang out

Everyone questions the regular life of a West Linn teenager. I would love to see us get a pool and recreation center. We need a place where we can have fun and feel welcomed.

We have a few pools in my neighborhood, but you have to be a member to swim in them. During the summertime when my parents are working we have nowhere where we can hang out with our friends. Our only spot to hang out is at Safeway because it is in a central location and we don’t need our parents to watch us. There aren’t many other options. And I don’t feel like we are welcomed when my group of friends goes there.

We need a place where we can have fun and feel welcomed. If you look on the West Linn home page and look at summer activities there are only camps. What teenager wants to spend their summer at some camp where we are treated like a 6 year old? We only want to be with our friends and enjoy not being in school. I have made so many good friends and have gotten so much closer by hanging out at Safeway. But it’s just ridiculous to be hanging out at a grocery store. It’s all over social media. “Come to Safeway.” “Let’s hang out! Safeway?” It has become our “social home” and it’s time for a new one. The pool and recreation center would be a nice place to go.

Julia Lamb

West Linn

Pool is investment in the future

I am writing to encourage residents of West Linn to exercise your right to vote on ballot Measure 3-432, the proposed pool and rec center. As this is the only measure on the ballot this time, it might not seem like it is not worth your time, but this issue is one that should be decided here and now after the notable time and money that has been invested.

I will be voting yes for this measure as I see it to be a wonderful asset to the residents who currently live in West Linn and to those who will be moving to our community in the future. I welcome the option of classrooms as a place for committees and groups to meet as I have found Market of Choice or the firehouses often booked and unavailable. I also find myself taking my family to Southwest Community Center often during the winter months in an attempt to get some exercise. If this option was available to us closer than 25 minutes away, I would welcome the opportunity to exercise more regularly, and I believe most members of West Linn would agree that this would be a wonderful addition to our community.

We are a city that supports our library, schools, police department, etc. This is another investment in our future that will add appeal to our community for residents and future residents and allow West Linn citizens to stay in West Linn rather than leaving our city for recreational and meeting spaces.

This is an investment in our community, in our health and in the future of West Linn that would benefit us for years to come. Vote yes for ballot Measure 3-432.

Suzanne Tye

West Linn

Garden club honors veterans

Congratulations to West Linn for a memorable centennial celebration. On behalf of the West Linn Garden Club, we were delighted with our 100 Years of Flowers, the flower show presented in the West Linn library. The public response to our efforts was so positive, the number of people who stopped in to view the display was outstanding and our club members felt the admiration of our city in response to our efforts. The garden club is continuing their year of placing floral arrangements in the lobby of the West Linn library.

We invite the city to participate again on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, when we dedicate our Blue Star Memorial Marker. This marker will be placed at the viewpoint of Veterans Memorial Highway Interstate 205 overlooking the Willamette River. Because of very limited parking at the viewpoint, our reception will be held at the West Linn Lutheran Church, 20390 Willamette Drive, from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Honored guests will include the National Garden Club President Linda Nelson as well as the State Garden Club President Peggy Olin.

Following World War II, the National Garden Club envisioned a ribbon of Blue Star Memorial Markers across the United States, all placed aside Memorial Highways, fire stations or suitable locations. The West Linn Garden Club is honored to present this Blue Star Memorial Marker as a tribute to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Please join us on this special Veterans Day to coincide with the West Linn centennial.

Jane Sercombe

President, West Linn Garden Club

Smashed pumpkins create teachable moment

by: SUBMITTED - Ian Roane poses for a photo with his self-portrait pumpkin, which was one of the victims of criminal mishchief at Three Rivers Charter School.

I just wanted to drop a short note (to Three Rivers Charter School) to once again thank you for the amazing job you are doing with my children and all of the children at TRCS.  

I love that when something unfair and disappointing happens you turn it into an opportunity to teach the students. I love that you are teaching them that when something unjust happens there is a mature and appropriate way to respond.  

Our children will face many situations in their lives where they are unjustly or unfairly treated and they will have the opportunity to choose to either lash out in anger or to reach out to the community and to those who can help them.  

Thank you for helping me to teach my children how to navigate the complexities of society. Thank you for helping them make the transition from childhood to young adulthood in such a graceful manner. Thank you for helping them maximize their potential and grow into the very best possible versions of themselves.

Angie Roane

West Linn

Pumpkin smashers should apologize

My name is Milli Doblie. I am a student from Three Rivers Charter School. All of us are upset because the pumpkins we made for school are smashed.

I saw some tears and some frowning faces. Some older kids tried to comfort us.

I hope whoever smashed our pumpkins will say they are sorry. The people who did this hurt a lot of kids because we put a lot of effort into those beautiful pieces of art, and now they are just pieces! Lots of kids at my school had accessories on their pumpkins such as hats, bows and earrings that could have been stolen during the crime.

The teachers did not clean it up because they wanted us to see what it felt like so that when we are older we will not smash other people’s pumpkins. My teacher, Mrs. Holtgraves, has called newscasts, radio stations and the police. This happened at Bolton too. I hope that we can make a better community.

Milli Doblie

Three Rivers Charter School student

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