Recall ‘slap in the face to community volunteers’

I am disappointed to hear that petitions are circulating to recall four members of our city council. I’m told the state ethics commission concluded they violated public meeting policy, but I’m told too, that they did not intentionally violate policy and were acting under the advice of the city attorney.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with all members of the council, both as a West Linn High School government teacher and as a citizen volunteer on the city’s parks and recreation advisory board, and I find all of them to be intelligent people with integrity who genuinely want to serve the best interests of every resident of West Linn.

Recall is a drastic action in a representative democracy, and to my knowledge, they have done nothing that warrants recall. In fact, the council can point to a long list of accomplishments centered on infrastructure improvements, sound service management, and yes, citizen involvement. This council works together well and strives to maintain and enhance West Linn’s quality of life.

I urge West Linn residents not to sign recall petitions. It is a slap in the face to community volunteers working hard for our city.

Todd Jones

West Linn

What is city’s new direction?

Over a month and a half ago our planning director, John Sonnen, was dismissed by our city manager, Chris Jordan. I do not know Mr. Sonnen and am not aware of any controversies over the way he has interpreted our development code.

In Portland’s daily paper, Mr. Jordan praised Mr. Sonnen but then said that ‘’we are entering a new era requiring a different kind of leadership in that department.’’

In the Tidings of that same week Mr. Jordan was quoted saying, ‘’... we need to take the planning department in a different direction.’’

Is the city council aware of what this new era is that requires our planning department to change course and, if so, have they revealed it to the citizens that they represent? Where are any proposed changes in our development code that show such a direction?

Unless I missed a critical edition of the Tidings, I have no idea of what this language means.

Tom Neff

West Linn

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