Thank you, Sgt. Neil Hennelly

(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt of a letter sent to West Linn Police Chief Terry Timeus, submitted to the Tidings by the author.)

Several months ago I had a most enjoyable chat with a West Linn police officer and wish to commend him for his demeanor and kindliness.

I had trundled my full grocery cart to my car in the Safeway parking lot on Salamo, and to my surprise, the officer, sitting in a patrol SUV next to my car, asked if he could help me unload my groceries into my trunk. Imagine my surprise for a moment.

He and I had a very nice chat, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get his name. I spent some time searching for the best way to identify him, and with the significant help of Ms. Elizabeth Carson, assistant to the police captains of your department, he was identified as Sgt. Neil Hennelly.

Consequently, Sgt. Hennelly deserves recognition from a delighted senior citizen. I would like to submit that commendation. Thanks!

Anthony M. Cook

West Linn

Well-being of city jeopardized

In regard to the recent recall effort in West Linn, I am very ashamed, but only at myself! I voted for most of the city council members that are the focus of the recall campaign and I can only say that the petition is right on target. Although a couple of the councilors have a nice touch with their personal public relations efforts, I have never felt more dismissed as a citizen of West Linn. It is very apparent that this council is in lock step with the city manager. The only no vote that I have seen from any council member has nothing to do with any major issue. I don't pretend to be "in the know" when it comes to city government, but it seems that the city manager and council have jeopardized the financial well-being of this city for decades to come. I saw the $5 million bribe that West Linn might get for providing access along Highway 43 to Lake Oswego and Tigard until 2041. That works out to about $190,000 per year or about $8 per citizen per year. Is that the best they could do? We were sold cheaply!

Joy Kent

West Linn

Here is a recall alternative

Four West Linn residents have taken it upon themselves to try to recall the mayor and three of our councilors. I urge you to stop this frivolous waste of time, energy and your taxpayer monies by not signing the petitions. Do not succumb to peer pressure to sign now so you can "decide later.”

The facts are already apparent. A lawsuit surrounding this issue was dismissed in November, and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission has already reviewed the circumstances surrounding the petitioners’ claims. The petitioners did not get their way in either of these prior efforts.  

We all benefit when many voices of differing opinions are heard on issues. Bullying by a vocal minority when you do not get your way is nothing more than whining.

How about this for a citywide 2014 new year's resolution? Let's all act like neighbors, show more respect and bring civility back to the discourse. When someone asks you to sign the petitions, say no and instead ask them to run for council in 2014 if they feel so strongly about city issues.

Dean Suhr

West Linn

Jenni Tan is doing a great job

We moved to West Linn with our family six years ago and enjoy everything this small community has to offer. It is nice to see many familiar faces at school and community events. For the most part, people are friendly, welcoming and respectful.

When I learned a group of people is seeking to recall Mayor John Kovash and City Councilors Jodi Carson, Mike Jones and Jenni Tan, I was disheartened. I understand that people will not agree with every decision the council makes, however the council was voted in by West Linn citizens and deserves to govern in the best way they can without the threat of recall.

While I don’t know the entire council, I do know Jenni Tan to be an honest and strong leader who I am proud to have lead our city. Whether she is holding weekly citizen coffee chats or hosting 60 Trillium Creek second-graders at city hall, Tan’s focus is on bettering our community and impacting the next generation. Tan recently spoke to Rosemont Ridge Middle School students about water infrastructure and gave feedback to West Linn High School students on their planning projects.

Tan does not make decisions in a vacuum; she thoughtfully studies issues and seeks input from constituents. I know her to be diligent and fair in her decision-making always listening to people on all sides of any given issue.

I urge you to think twice about signing any recall petition, Tan is doing a great job and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated public servant representing West Linn.

Kim Lippert

West Linn

‘Cease vilifying our city council’

This letter is written on behalf of Jody Carson and her fellow members of the West Linn City Council included in the recall petition. I am a charter member of the West Linn Rotary Club in which Mike Jones and Jennifer Tan are members. We believe in the Rotary “4-Way Test,” the first line of which is: “Is it the truth?” John Kovach is a retired military officer who has spent a lifetime in service to his country and community. Jody is wonderful neighbor, dedicated public servant and custodian of West Linn’s rich heritage. Jody and her colleagues on the city council have nothing but the best interests of our community and neighbors uppermost in their minds. Their work is from the heart and is driven by what they see as best for all of us and our future. They expect and receive little reward beyond the knowledge they have served their community to the best of their ability. It is appropriate for citizens to disagree with elected officials. What is reprehensible and unacceptable is taking disagreement to the level of personal attack. Shame on the people who initiated this disgraceful attack and shame on them for spending our time, effort, energy and money on issues best addressed in a public forum.

I ask that you cease vilifying our city council, ambushing and sniping its members from the shadows. End this needless hemorrhage of resources immediately. Let’s thank our fellow citizens, Jody and her colleagues, for their effort on behalf of all of us and let them focus on the serious work we elected them to accomplish.

Michael E. Bays

Cpt. USAR, retired

West Linn

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