With all fairness I must say, I intended to stay out on the latest ado. However, when two impetuous (opinion pieces) popped up in the Tidings on Dec. 26, exuding such elaborate opinions, I declare, I am compelled to respond in defense for all our citizens, volunteers, voters and just plain residents.

While few among us demonstrate flamboyant ostentatiousness with their somewhat tainted thesis presumptions, ganging unglamorously to defeat, debase or eschew a democratic process by few others, becomes an ethanol-edge to rip the city once more, reminiscent of four or five years past.

Although these who mixed and missed the point, yet amalgamated the recent issues from local government resolutions, policies and ordinances with local social civic volunteer activities is nothing short of displaying their lack of ability to discern the elements of legislatures, legends and social activity events programmed by good volunteers at no cost to shareholders.

The one (column) enumerating on the “highs for West Linn,” the writers (Tom and Lorie Griffith) one of whom one is also a latest city planning commission appointee, is definitely a direct conflict with a big bias standing. So, here again, our integrity has been misrepresented.

The second (column) (“Recall ‘slap in the face to community volunteers’”), written no less by a local school teacher (Todd Jones), reveals his nonconformist demeanor activism has missed the point as well, and is wanting. He’d do well to teach our students proper ways to differentiate politics from social to-dos.

Yes! We all heard it. Four council members are being (considered for) recall. However, it has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with community volunteers nor volunteerism benefiting our city’s people.

We volunteers motivate to enhance and make our city a quality, neighborly, friendly, enjoyable to all, etc., because we would not have these fine free programmed events otherwise.

Now, in retrospect, with 55 years as a resident, I profess, West Linn evolved by never tolerating ironic, arrogant articles. So please, keep politics and community volunteer activities on separate shelves, thank you very much.

Point taken is: We, here in West Linn, are a knowledgeable, intelligent, educated people who understand the city’s functions.

Let’s refrain testimonial (opinion pieces), respectives and topics on hand in lines; do not abuse our dignity. In essence, we need to be civil and be mature and be good Americans.

Lastly, I want to thank our newspaper, The Tidings, for making us aware to what goes on in our city at large.

West Linn people are all good stewards, our conscience demands it.

Happy new year to everyone and joy and health.

Alice Richmond is a West Linn resident.

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