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For citizens of West Linn I say recall ... recall the positive things that have been accomplished by the members of the city council for 2013 and before.

All five have represented the needs and interests of the city with wisdom and forethought by setting up important goals and accomplishing many of them throughout the year.

Recall the thousands of hours they collectively and individually have unselfishly given to the council meetings, work sessions meetings, community events, school activities, city-related committee meetings and personal hours studying the rules of local government to become better informed as volunteer civic leaders.

Recall their abilities to listen — a lot — to the demands of the many facets of the community and come up with meaningful decisions that represent the majority of community interests for the future of West Linn.

Recall the significant bonds, the bricks and mortar plans, the grants received that will provide police, safety and water needs.

Recall their support and involvement of the 100th year centennial celebration of the city’s past that will influence a beneficial future.

Recall the support and cooperation the city council developed with the city’s administration and staff, who in turn earned well-deserved awards and recognition for various department services.

Recall the continuous fine work, patience, role setting, dedication and commitment of John Kovash, Mike Jones, Jenni Tan, Jody Carson and Frank Thomas to the city of West Linn by their daily actions and you will find a solid collection of fine human beings with faults and misgivings like the rest of us, yet a willingness to work in full-time jobs, raise families and still work for the common good for our community.

Keep Five Alive for 2014 will serve us well. Oh yes, before I forget: Thank you for your continuous service.

Mike Watters is a West Linn resident and volunteer.

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