Who would replace council?

I am writing to voice my support of the members of the West Linn City Council. They are people of integrity that have done a commendable job in leading the city.

The effort to recall four of them is unjustified. We should be thanking these fine people for their dedicated service. I urge you to say no if requested to sign a recall petition.

The council members are unpaid volunteers serving the community in a capacity that most would avoid. They accept the responsibility for making difficult and sometimes controversial decisions. They spend a great deal of personal time studying and carefully considering each issue. They patiently listen to hours of public hearing testimony. They have been subjected to having their motives challenged and have often received unwarranted criticism in an abusive manner.

I believe they are motivated by what is best for all the citizens of West Linn.

This council saved our city government from the messy situation we experienced just a few years ago. Who would replace them at this time? Would people as capable and devoted to public service as the present councilors step forward to seek office? I doubt it. The newest councilor ran unopposed in the election of 2012.

Citizen oversight of our city government would enter a state of instability if we were to lose the mayor and three councilors simultaneously. The voters should decide which candidates will serve the city at normally scheduled election times.

I hope the present council members will continue in office. It would be difficult to replace them with as competent a group. Please say no to the proposed recall.

Jerry Andersen

West Linn

Don’t weaken wetlands protections

On Jan. 15, the city’s planning commission holds a public hearing to weaken stream and wetlands protections that were finally enacted in 2007 — after years of foot-dragging and avoidance by the city.

I was closely involved in the process creating the 2007 Water Resource Area code, with much input from the Audubon Society, local Defenders of Wildlife, Metro, West Linn High School students and many involved citizens. The best available science (not politics) was used to protect West Linn’s natural environment.

I have a water resource on my property and oppose any weakening of the code, let alone changing the entire chapter. Why?

1) Even though state Planning Goal 6 requires the city to “Maintain or improve the quality of West Linn’s water resources,”

2) The associate planner’s memo to the commission says that the “ amendments are intended to … ”

• “Make reasonable allowances to develop for owners … ”

• “Add the option for property owners to create (their own) WRA boundaries … based on (their own) … wetland biologists or similarly trained professionals.” The italics are mine. We all know what happens when a landowner/developer hires their own expert: They always support the desires of the person who pays.

• “Increase exemptions from the permitting process … ”

Clearly, these amendments do not “maintain or improve” our resources, but add loopholes to already weakly enforced wetlands protections.

If you oppose these proposed loopholes, please let the city know in writing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (ref. CDC-10-03) or in person at the hearing on Jan. 15.

Greg Morse

West Linn

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