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Research your family’s history

Ever wondered ... How your parents got together, why you grew up where you did, where your forbearers came from and why they left there? We can help you find out — and it is totally free. There is no cost or obligation of any kind and no hints about donations.

The Portland Area Personal Ancestral File Users Group (PAPAFUG) is a group of individuals who voluntarily give their time and means to provide classes to show you how to research and record your family history (genealogy).

Beginning on Jan. 18, we will offer a series of monthly classes in how to research, record and display your family history. The software, Ancestral Quest (AQ), to record your genealogy is free to download and use. The classes are free. The handouts are free. Two classes will be offered each month. One of the classes will be using Ancestral Quest to record your own family and ancestors.

The other will be a research subject. All of the classes will be held on the third Saturday of each month, except December, at 9 a.m. using the facilities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) located at 1271 Overlook Drive in Lake Oswego.

For additional information and a map, visit our website at home.comcast.net/~papafug/site/ or do a Google search for “PAPAFUG” and select “PAPAFUG — Family History Research Assistance.”

Please help us to let the people of the Portland area about this opportunity.

Richard L. Halliday

PAPAFUG president

West Linn

Many reasons to oppose recall

Why am I opposed to the current recall attempt?

The city council deals with multiple issues, this current effort is because some of us citizens disagree with a couple of those issues.

Members of this city council have attempted to improve the communications with the advisory boards and with the citizens. We should give this plan an opportunity to work.

A special election between regular elections is expensive, this money could be spent elsewhere in a productive manner.

Recall elections rarely accomplish the stated goal. The campaign is nasty. Attention is diverted from productive subjects and hard feelings remain after the results are final.

If successful, I understand that one person would be responsible for appointing the vacant positions. That is too much responsibility for one person. 

Campaigns for this year’s election are about to begin. Those unhappy with current councilors should file and begin their campaigns for the election. The discussions during a regular campaign on a variety of subjects are good for our community.

The above opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of any board or organization that I belong to or may be thought to belong to.

Don Kingsborough

West Linn

Get engaged, vote wisely

The year 2014 looks to be a big one for West Linn. After ups and downs over the last decade, we are set with a city council that works well together and is focused on improving West Linn for everyone.

With this council, 2014 can be a significant year of moving forward. Unlike larger cities, West Linn’s elected officials don’t take this on as their primary career. Our individual vote plays a large part in the council’s ability for West Linn to function and protect what we love about our community.

For the majority of West Linn, we’ve chosen this place for our exceptional schools, amazing outdoor spaces and a quality of life that gives us a place to relax after working elsewhere.

The majority of West Linn residents are unfamiliar with what goes on to manage the city of West Linn. Most of us only pay attention when there is a direct personal impact.

I would encourage everyone to get to know the city councilors, get engaged, make your voice heard and use your vote wisely. It’s the only way our elected officials can continue to work for all of West Linn.

Nancy King

West Linn

Sheriff’s office and rescue team are the best

I hope you never have to make a phone call to 911 for a missing person but on Jan. 5 the family of Gary Tuor had to make that phone call. The phone call went out to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and the Mountain and Wave Rescue Team.

What a team, within hours close to 60, mostly volunteers, were assembled to hopefully rescue Gary. Most of these volunteers have day jobs who receive a phone call, day or night, grab their 25-pound backpack and head to the mountain, the wilderness or the river to rescue a fellow citizen. The family wants to express their thanks to these amazing people.

I believe the reason they choose do this is because they care and physically they can. As we waited and talked to people we learned some valuable lessons. We learned that they do care and if you do need a rescue the best team in the United States is the team of Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and the Mountain and Wave Rescue Team.

Gary, his family and friends, again thank all of you helped in the successful rescue of Gary.

Marsha Gross

West Linn