Jo Rae Perkins for Senate

Until last week, I thought there were only two Republican candidates in the race for U.S. Senate in Oregon. I was surprised and encouraged to discover three more candidates, including Jo Rae Perkins.

I encourage all conservative Republicans to vote Perkins for U.S. Senate. She believes in small government, defending our borders, balancing the budget, reading every bill before voting on it, supporting our military and veterans and defending the constitution, including the second amendment.

She wants to repeal Obamacare because the federal government has no business in the healthcare industry. She wants to abolish the income tax because no one should be penalized for earning money. She believes that our lands should be returned to State control, because the Constitution does not give the Federal government the right to take our forests away from us. Don’t let the media convince you that a candidate doesn’t matter without big fundraising. Money doesn’t decide elections, we do. Vote Perkins for U.S. Senate because values matter.

Tasha Conner


Thank you Penny Hansen

The American Association of University Women Lake Oswego Branch thanks past Co-President Penny Hansen for her excellent leadership in organizing and presenting the recent fundraiser friendship tea, book sale and silent auction.

The successful event raised funds for the branch’s annual scholarship for an outstanding Marylhurst University woman student and other mission-based branch charitable activities. Penny Hansen, a West Linn resident, is a long time board member and officer with AAUW Lake Oswego. Her experience, wisdom and skills are invaluable.

AAUW is grateful for Penny Hansen’s contribution to the AAUW mission of advancing equity for women and girls.

Karen Rottink

Lake Oswego

Treatment plant chickens come to roost

Those of us who live near the LO treatment plant have had our fill of construction. Now the rest of you will be “inconvenienced” also. The people on the hill, or on the other side of West Linn, are about to find out about huge traffic backups.

The LOT folks are doing “exploratory” drilling on Highway 43, from Mapleton to George Rogers Park, starting now. This means that the usual way of bypassing the Sellwood Bridge backup by going up A Avenue or Terwilliger to go downtown will not be possible without going through the traffic created by lane closures. The other routes of course are Rosemont Road, 205 or McGloughlin. Expect a doubling or more of traffic on these routes as more people become frustrated by the delays on 43.

For those of you who thought, that this plant construction won’t affect you, it is your turn as all these people will have to use “your” route to get anywhere.

Last month, the backup created by tree trimming on the curve above George Rogers was as far back as the Burgerville, over a mile. It took 45 minutes to get through. This was after 9 a.m. This won’t be any different, and just wait until they dig their pipeline. Forget about it, just remember how “sorry for the inconvenience” the plant supporters are as you are just sitting there.

As an aside, you should know that the former editor of the Tidings, Lori Hall, who defended the City Manager and Council with editorials and alerting these people to last-minute Letters to the Editor, is now working for Chris Jordan, the city manager. Perfect. Good luck to us all.

Jack Norby

West Linn

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