Shawn Lindsay puts schools first

As a recent college graduate, I fear that younger students are no longer receiving the same opportunities I did in our public schools. With larger class sizes, fewer elective options and less funding in our schools, state Rep. Shawn Lindsay is right to prioritize funding schools first.

Shawn Lindsay also emphasizes job creation, focusing on incentives that help small businesses grow. With such high unemployment rates this is exactly what we need. My friends and I, most with college degrees, need jobs. I am confident in Shawn Lindsay’s ability to fix our education system and create more jobs, giving me and my peers the chance to be the leaders of the future.

Samantha Adams


Eyre understands education

As a public school teacher for 24 years, education is very important to me and that is why I am supporting Katie Eyre.

Katie Eyre increased funding for K-12 education and stood up for our kids and our schools. And Katie is a mother, who raised three children in our public schools. She truly understands local education.

Unfortunately her opponent, Ben Unger, isn’t telling the truth about Katie’s education record.

If Ben Unger won’t tell the truth as a candidate, what makes you think he will tell the truth as our state representative?

Just food for thought.

Sue Coulter


Unger has support of teachers

I will be voting for Ben Unger for state representative of District 29. He understands how important education is for our families and our community.

Ben knows education is the foundation for a healthy and functional society and is willing to defend our schools.

Ben has been endorsed by the teachers of the Oregon Education Association, The American Federation of Teachers and Stand for Children.

Ben has a clear vision of what it will take to repair and strengthen our educational system. He sees a lower class size, a strong basic curriculum with art, music and P.E.

When I hear Ben speak about education I can feel the passion in his voice. I know that Ben will be a great representative for everyone, as Ben always listens to all points of view and weighs the information carefully before making a choice.

Judith Albay


Local races should shun negativity

Although I knew the Ben Unger-Katie Eyre race for representing Oregon’s District 29 (Hillsboro, Cornelius and Forest Grove) would be competitive, I had hoped that we, the voters, would not have to put up with the volume of mudslinging and outright lies being touted by the Eyre campaign against Unger.

It was truly disheartening to receive a glossy and obviously expensive piece titled “Meet Ben Unger...” in the mail a couple of days ago with a list of short negative “facts” about Unger’s record and past work, all taken out of context without proper research.

Personally, I am sick of all this. We are inundated with these types of negative ads nationally and I almost expect it, but locally?

I want someone to represent my interests and talk to me about my concerns and issues, not fling inaccurate information around about their opponent using national PAC money.

I have met with Ben on several occasions and in different venues and he listens with the intent to represent me and my community in the Legislature in Salem.

He does not run a campaign that spends all its time pulling down his opponent and he is knowledgeable about and successful in using the political process to meet community needs. He has my support.

I am throwing my hat in the ring for Ben because he spends his time knocking on doors and listening to constituents with the intent of solving our local concerns and challenges rather than spending a lot of PAC money on negative advertising.

Claire Berger

Forest Grove

Write in Megan Braze for council

I have known Megan Braze for 20 years, and am thrilled that she has chosen to run for city councilor.

Whether as student body vice president at Hilhi, a high school youth leader at Trinity Lutheran Church, a volunteer Spanish teacher at Mt. Olive Preschool or a horseback riding instructor at Champion Training Center, Megan has always been a natural, compassionate leader.

When she saw that no one had filed to run for City Council, Ward 1, Position B, she stepped up, because she cares about Hillsboro and wants to make sure that there is a cohesive City Council that keeps doing great things in Hillsboro, like bringing in the Hillsboro Hops.

When I fill out my ballot, I will be writing in a lifelong Hillsboro resident, Megan Braze, to City Council Ward 1, Position B.

Emilee Langbehn


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