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Unger’s accomplishments benefited home town

Ben Unger spent most of his life in the Hillsboro area. Like most young people, he left home after college for work. Criticism of his return to the area is a desperate attempt to discredit a fine young man. All citizens of House District 29, including those who rent, have benefited from Ben’s public policy accomplishments.

Don’t let a desperate politician drag a good man down.

Linda Erickson


Rep. Eyre is a promising lawmaker

Reading about the upcoming election in the local papers, I have been surprised to see there is actual doubt about the re-election of one of our most promising freshman legislators, Katie Eyre.

Eyre’s skills as the only CPA in the Oregon Legislature have been critical in keeping state spending under control and preventing the state from spending phantom Measure 66/67 revenues that did not materialize. And as a member of the Hillsboro School District’s curriculum committee, I especially appreciated her role in passing the recent education reforms, which have expanded opportunities for all of Oregon’s children. I hope the rest of House District 29 will join me in voting to re-elect Katie Eyre.

Erik Seligman


Voting against schools budget belies claims

How can Katie Eyre headline her House District 29 campaign with “Putting Education First?”

Both she and Rep. Shawn Lindsay voted no on HB 5552, the school budget bill. Fortunately, it was passed by both the full Oregon House and the Senate. Also, neither of these Washington County representatives backed HB 3641 to add to the school budget from other funds.

Her literature says “Katie led the way in Salem to protect funding for K-12 education.” The old adage says “figures don’t lie; liars figure.” So, I guess since the budget passed, which included the school budget, and since Katie was a member of the House at that time, she can take credit for “protecting funding for K-12 education” even though she voted against it.

Ben Unger, we need you more now than ever before.

Steve Hall


Small businesses don’t want more taxes

As a small business owner I am scared to death. Apparently I have a target on my back and politicians like Ben Unger clearly have me in their cross hairs.

I am struggling and trying to do my best in this sluggish economy but Ben Unger thinks I need to pay more to the government. I support government 100 percent but I also believe government has some waste and inefficiency and should try to spend its money more wisely before raising my taxes.

Just a few months ago Oregon paid out a $1.5 million fraudulent tax refund. That’s a lot of money and yet they want more? I just want the government to clean up its own house before coming after more of my money and hurting my small business.

I read somewhere that Ben Unger once said that “businesses don’t have a heart.” Well I have a heart and I have a family to support and I vote and I won’t be voting for Ben Unger.

Denise Renner


Unger’s background is impressive

This is a letter in support of Ben Unger. I did not know him until several weeks ago when I began volunteering for him. Since then, I have been very impressed by his character and convictions. Before we left to canvass for him three weeks ago, Ben introduced himself and spoke to us about his background and what is important to him.

He said he grew up on a nearby farm and that he learned two important things from growing up on a farm. He said he learned how to work hard and he learned to finish the job you start.

I knew what he is talking about, having spent many summers working on farms as a kid growing up in Wisconsin. Farmers here are the same as farmers in Wisconsin: same work ethic, same integrity, same great people.

Ben talked about what really motivated him to run for public office: education. He said he owes everything to the great education he got here in the public schools. He feels our public schools have been weakened and cut back on so that now the present generation just doesn’t have the opportunities he had. He speaks about public education with real emotion. You can tell how strongly he feels about our public schools.

I am very impressed by his vision and his convictions. Ben is the best of a new generation of leaders coming of age. I am honored to support him.

Robert L. Seward

Forest Grove

Lindsays ties to group are troubling

It’s time for a change in House District 30 because Rep. Shawn Lindsay is out of touch with the people of his district and the people of Oregon. While he is quick to call out a perceived personal attack when his former Democratic opponent states he is out of step with his district, Shawn Lindsay is not as forthcoming about his active participation in American Legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC is an organization that creates far-right wing bill templates and provides them to state legislators to use as models for actual laws. Examples of the templates in their arsenal include privatization of government services, penalizing college students who take longer than four years to complete their degrees, a resolution that supports privatizing Medicare and support for stand-your-ground gun laws.

Not only has Shawn Lindsay accepted campaign donations from out of state organizations linked to ALEC but he has also accepted a “scholarship” to attend an ALEC-sponsored public policy seminar in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 27. Major companies like Walmart and Amgen recently dropped their association with ALEC, yet Shawn Lindsay has not.

If these corporations are finding their association with ALEC is no longer worthwhile, why does Rep. Lindsay? To put it simply, Rep. Lindsay is putting his need for money ahead of his commitment to the people of House District 30 by remaining an ALEC member and it’s high time for a change in House District 30.

Matt Koehler


Contract Publishing

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