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Ben Pollock announces bid for Congress in Oregon's 5th District


Platform is economic prosperity, free market solutions and problem solving

Ben Pollock, a fourth generation Oregonian and Republican, announced his candidacy for Congress in the 5th District last Tuesday, challenging incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader.

According to a release, “Pollock’s campaign will represent all the by: SUBMITTED - Pollockvoters of the district and will introduce successful Republican campaign strategies that have not previously been seen in Oregon. When he goes to Congress, Ben will be a champion for economic prosperity, liberty, small business and the entrepreneurial spirit that make Oregon and America special places to call home.”

Pollock, who has lived in Wilsonville for less than a month, having moved from Portland, said he has worked as a congressional staffer and has assisted in campaigns, but has never run for any office.

The 28-year-old Pollock said, “I’m running because I’m a member of the generation that’s facing the brunt of the negative effects of Obamacare, this administration’s economically destructive policies and Congress’ inability to function.”

Pollock said he was born and raised in the district and he helps run his family’s 37-year-old business that manufactures interiors for classic cars. He is single with no children.

He said Wilsonville faces many of the same issues as the country as a whole, including education funding.

“I’m relatively young, but I was fortunate enough to spend two eye-opening years in Washington where I studied public policy in graduate school and had the opportunity to work at the Capitol. This experience allowed me to see firsthand the dysfunction of Congress and the games professional politicians play with our lives in order to score cheap political points. I help run my family business, but I’m not sure I could start a small business today from scratch, with economic policies that are holding back our economy. Kurt Schrader went to D.C. on the claim that he would be a different type of politician. Instead, he’s fit right in with the inside the beltway crowd.”

Pollock says he will assemble the best staff available, concentrating on social media mastery, expertise in big data and micro-targeting, and grassroots campaigning that will allow the voters of the district to get to know him one on one.

“I’m a local control guy,” Pollock said. “I’m willing to put my views out there.”

Pollock is running on the themes of economic prosperity, free market solutions and problem solving via public policy that actually works. Find out more at benforcongress.com.