Participants asked to bring donations for Wilsonville Community Sharing

The city of Wilsonville in cooperation with Republic Waste Services is holding the second annual Leaf Day Nov. 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. During these hours community members are welcome to drop off their leaves only — no yard debris — at City Hall, 29799 S.W. Town Center Loop East. City employees will be on hand to assist residents with disposing of leaves.

While no fee is charged for dropping off leaves, the city requests that participants bring new toiletries and personal hygiene items or canned goods for donation to Wilsonville Community Sharing, operator of the community food bank and social services referral agency.

The city suggests that residents use large paper bags that can be recycled with leaves and are available at hardware stores like Wilsonville Ace Hardware — rather than using large plastic bags that have to ripped open and thrown away.

“This is our second attempt at this type of service for our residents,” Arnie Gray, public works supervisor, said. “We hope people will take advantage of the opportunity to remove leaves before they cause problems to street storm drain facilities and street sweeping operations.”

The city asks residents to never rake leaves into the street as they become a major problem for the storm sewer systems. Leaves that clog grates and pipes contribute to backups and flooding. Leaves reduce flow when they accumulate in pipes. When leaves reach creeks and rivers they also do harm as they decay by using oxygen that can affect the viability of aquatic life.

Excess accumulation of leaves on city streets also causes a safety problem for motorists whose tires may slip.

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