Candidate plans strategy to overcome under-representation

Boring resident Steve Bates is one of three candidates headed toward a May primary for Clackamas County Commissioner Position 5. The only thing that may stand in his way is Boring SUBMITTED - Bates

Current commissioners are all from northwest Clackamas County, where the population density far surpasses the rest of Clackamas County’s span, including Boring.

Bates’ opponents are both from the Milwaukie area, a city at the heart of Clackamas County’s densest area. Bates is fully aware of the past under-representation of East County.

“We are developing a strategy to overcome the previous election cycle results,” he said.

Since he announced his candidacy about a month ago, Bates and his campaign team have been hard at work getting ready for the first of the year. On Dec. 2, his official website was unveiled. Along with the website, a brief biography was released showcasing Bates’ accomplishments and and efforts at job creation.

“After all, I am the only candidate for Position No. 5 that has started a business from nothing,” Bates said. “I wish for the people of Clackamas County to understand that I am a family man and I care deeply for the future of this county, particularly the job picture for our kids and grandkids.”

Bates is working on a position paper to be released after the first of the year.

“This will outline the areas that I see need the most attention to ensure that jobs will be available for our kids and grandkids here in Clackamas County,” he said.

Bates has been deeply involved in the Boring business community for the past couple of years, and was elected chairman of the Boring Community Planning Organization in 2011. Bates knows that unfortunately, if he’s elected, reality will require that he step back from his Boring involvement.

“It is time for others in Boring to take the reins,” he said. “And I intend to be there to support them.”

The other two filers for Postion 5 are James Bernard and Jeremy Ferguson. Paul Savas and Karen Bowerman have filed for Position 2.

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