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Wilsonville Budget Committee examines the numbers for the coming fiscal year

by: SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Canyon Creek Road in Wilsonville looks north in this view. The road will be extended to the south and widened and improved along its entire length between Town Center Loop and Boeckman Road.The Wilsonville Urban Renewal Agency budget for fiscal year 2014-15 will be dominated by the Canyon Creek Road South extension project.

The estimated $6.4 million cost for this long-awaited project includes land donated to the city by Mentor Graphics to help complete a envisioned full street build-out that will include bike lanes, sidewalks and a median. This leaves roughly $4.9 million in so-called soft and hard costs to be absorbed by the agency, all of which will come from the city’s East Side Urban Renewal District.

This and other details about Wilsonville’s proposed 2014-15 Urban Renewal Agency budget were shared with the city’s 10-person budget committee May 1 at the first of three scheduled meetings at Wilsonville City Hall.

The Canyon Creek Extension will comprise virtually all the capital expenditures envisioned for the coming year in this district. But the second district still maintained by the city — the West Side District — includes $3.35 million in capital projects in this year’s proposed budget. The highlight there is $2.1 million earmarked for the Barber extension project, which will connect Villebois with other West Side neighborhoods via Barber Street.

The second, and larger aspect, of each district’s budget are the debt service payments that every urban renewal district incurs. In 2014-15, Wilsonville will pay $6.6 million to service debt in the West Side District and $7.518 million in the East Side District.

Assistant Finance Director Kathy Rodocker told budget committee members May 1 that this ultimately has served the city — and its business community — well. For example, she said, the West Side District has amassed some $32 million in debt through bond spending on various infrastructure projects. This has resulted in cumulative assessed property values in the district of more than $290 million.

The numbers are even larger for the East Side District. There, the city has taken on some $75 million in debt and experienced property values that have swelled to some $365 million in assessed value.

“That also does not take into consideration the properties we removed from (the district),” Rodocker said.

There was little discussion at the meeting among committee members and no members of the public signed up to speak. The mandated public hearing was closed, but a final budget was not voted on or adopted. This likely will take place at the committee’s next public meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at city hall, 29799 SW Town Center Loop East.

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