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Support Wilsonville Community Sharing

Wilsonville Community Sharing (WCS) has been prominent in our recent news and I wanted to comment. The WCS food bank services are critical for an ever increasing number of Wilsonville families to feed their families. The current facilities are stretched super thin, yet WCS services are delivered efficiently today guided by WCS board volunteers who year after year commit an immense amount of time, energy and love to it. Recently, the WCS board worked hard to obtain a grant to upgrade the facilities. A huge effort — and they succeeded. The grant process is arduous and came with “strings” attached. The board established a thorough selection criteria from which three local churches were ranked 1-2-3. Negotiations began with church No. 1, which backed out when they learned the grant “strings” were too stringent for them. The WCS board is now negotiating with church No. 2. This delay to the process will shrink the time needed for fundraising. The grant and site selection activities occurred at the same time the board was actively recruiting board members. A lot to tackle for volunteers who do this work in their spare time. They may not be experts at real estate site selection or lease negotiation, but their hearts are in the right place and they’re moving the ball forward. How can you help? Support the fundraising efforts any way you can — big or small. Volunteer at the food bank. Donate some food. Say something nice.I’m a local businessman here. Lori and I brought our family to Wilsonville 24 years ago in large part because of the wonderful volunteer culture. That great community culture is still super strong because of folks like the WCS board members, who do great things for our community with love and the highest integrity.

Pat Wolfram


WCS needs a new board

Kudos to the heart and soul of Wilsonville Community Sharing: Leigh Crosby and Lani Snyder.

I want to commend the capable, competent and caring work of Leigh Crosby and Lani Snyder at Wilsonville Community Sharing.

I lived in Wilsonville from 2005 to 2013, and volunteered at the WCS food bank for about six years. Leigh has the knowledge and connections that keep the food bank running smoothly. I also have firsthand knowledge of Lani Snyder’s expertise. I brought in a friend who needed help finding a place to live. During the consultation I witnessed Lani’s compassion and commitment. 

I have had enough with the public debate about the Wilsonville Community Sharing board. The animosity between parties involved is wasting time and money. It is time to start over with a new board that will be unbiased in selecting a new site and that will support the two paid staff members and the community they serve.

Vanessa Wenigmann

Boise, Idaho

Contract Publishing

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