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Wilsonville is no Arbor City

For Wilsonville to call itself a tree city is a joke. I hope the Spokesman is taking pictures of all the trees being brought down in Daydream Ranch.

I have never seen such a blatant act in the name of another real estate development.

These trees represent one of a few great stands of forest left in the city. I believe if everyone saw this on television or the paper would be stunned to see the distruction.

Instead of keeping it and working it into the Memorial Park with a bike path or footpath, the city decided to take it down.Please do not use the term “Arbor City” anymore.

Randy V. Wilson


WCS, building up instead of tearing down

Make no mistake, it is the volunteers and board members as well as the paid staff that are the actual heart and soul of Wilsonville Community Sharing. Not one or two people; “it takes a village” to care for those most in need.

So it is both troubling and curious that a few people would work so hard to stir up a controversy in hopes of undermining all of the hard work WCS volunteers have contributed over the last few years. I’ve seen the commitment firsthand as a volunteer for WCS and as the wife of Rich Truitt, WCS board chairman.

It is not uncommon for people in a small organization to struggle and experience growing pains as things change around them, but when a few individuals attempt to undo the progress and malign the leaders who have worked tirelessly and selflessly on expanding the services of WCS to those in need, it should make one question the motives behind their actions.

While it is not easy to sit by and watch the rumors fly, it is admirable that the WCS board has not sunk to the same level of mudslinging and maligning others. I believe this demonstrates the character of the board and sets a standard some could learn from.

If the detractors and false accusers put half as much energy into building up WCS instead of trying to drag the WCS board down, we might find that the city of Wilsonville, Wilsonville Community Sharing and the clients they serve, could only benefit.

Toni Avery


WCS deserves our support

Over the years we have assisted and supported the Wilsonville Community Sharing food bank. It is always gratifying to see the smiles of appreciation as recipients select food, and sometimes clothing, to help with supporting their families in trying times. Of course, Wilsonville has been blessed to have the dedicated contributions of Lani Snyder and Leigh Crosby. Everyone owes them a true debt of gratitude for their amazing energy and service to our local citizens.

Now, to observe even the hint of rancor as the board works diligently, on a volunteer basis, to reach the next step in providing a much-needed new facility to house this important work is truly disappointing. In our experience, to suggest animosity on the part of the dedicated board members we have known for years is troubling. They are two of the most genuine people we know and totally committed to the goal of a strong and effective community service program. It hurts to see effort expended in undercutting their efforts instead of uniting with our entire community in this important project. 

This should not be a political football but rather the evidence that all of us are truly concerned. 

 Wilsonville is such a progressive city and we urge all citizens to promote and undergird WCS and the unselfish volunteers who truly care.

Jack and Sue Stowell


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