The people of Wilsonville should be applauding the actions of Police Chief James Rhodes and the Wilsonville police for enforcing the laws of the city. 

It displayed poor leadership for Councilman Richard Goddard to criticize the police for enforcing the law (during an Oct. 7 city council meeting). 

When someone violates the law, they have no right to criticize its enforcement. Why should the police be expected to communicate the fact that they are going to enforce any specific law or how it’s going to be enforced as long as its methods are otherwise legal. 

As for the curfew law violators, a parent has little right to complain about being inconvenienced for having to retrieve their child. The child should have been at home during the curfew hours. Parents need to have respect for the law and to teach that to their children, rather than to allow their actions to teach the child there is no need to comply with the law.  The city of Wilsonville is known for being a good place to live. There is no place for vandalism — acts that damage property and possibly cause injury to citizens. Enforcing the curfew law has shown to reduce acts of vandalism. 

Chief Rhodes and his officers did the right thing and they should be commended for trying to keep Wilsonville a good place to live.Let’s support those efforts.

Bill Wolfe


Contract Publishing

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