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Keep on the sustainable track

As we progressively assess both state and local initiatives in pursuit of the preservation within our global-warming planet, I am reminded of just how fortunate we in Wilsonville are to have such wonderful transportation options and alternative solutions to help preserve our ever-changing world.  With improved adjustments like the widening of existing streets for bicycle lanes and widening of pedestrian paths, the latest surveys conducted earlier in the year indicate signs that more people here are indeed reaching and striving to make an impacted difference.

Concerning issues over increased property taxes for new urban renewal projects, proposed carbon taxes, tourist and land development strategies, business bonds for existing companies to attract them to relocate here ... all might have some validity in them. Some changes must be analytically challenged, but let us not deter from the overall improvement of viable sustainability, something we as citizens should be well versed in considering for our better tomorrows.

William Gabison


Let's meet Phil Knight's challenge

The naysayers are already informing Oregonians that we don’t have the financial capacity or commitment to match Phil Knight’s $500 million gift to cure cancer. Others suggest each of us should contribute only $10 each, or that OHSU should seek millions of dollars from wealthy individuals from outside Oregon.

Oregonians demand the best from ourselves and I expect we will match Knight’s generous gift within a few months. To achieve this goal, I propose each of us contribute $100 for every person living in our household. This will get us close to $400 million in matching funds. Those of you who have relatives, friends or neighbors who might be financially challenged to make the $100 contribution could increase your own gift to cover one or more of those folks.

This gift will no doubt be difficult for some of us, but anything we do that is significant often is difficult. However, by using a credit card to fund our gift we can meet the challenge right now, today.

Knight’s challenge to match this gift is not a Portland thing or a wealthy people’s thing; rather it’s an opportunity to solve a major health issue. The benefits of funding $1 billion for research will be more high paying jobs, a renewed emphasis on learning and research and a significant increase in the stature of Oregon and OHSU.

I also challenge the Blazer’s owner, Paul Allen, to match the amount Oregonians contribute.

To make your gift, go to OHSU.EDU/xd/about/foundation/ and click on “give now” located within the “$1 billion cancer challenge” story, or phone in your gift at 503-228-1730 or 800-462-6608. After gifting, tweet to let others know you accepted the Knights’ challenge.

Bob Peterson