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This is a letter advocating for increased collaboration and support between the West Linn-Wilsonville School District and Three Rivers Charter School (TRCS). Any study of school rankings, test scores or student/family testimony demonstrates that TRCS is doing an outstanding job of educating and preparing our children. TRCS is a school that brings immense value to the larger district and WL-WV communities as these students return to and enrich the district’s high schools. As the district’s only charter school, we consider it an honor to be part of the WL-WV community. We take great pride in the achievements of our students and believe the many successes are a result of the inputs of many caring parties. Thus, it is a bit puzzling that the relationship between the district/administration and TRCS seems to be one of loose association.

Ideally, the relationship between the district and TRCS should be celebrated.Some may have mixed feelings about TRCS, as they may feel TRCS is exclusive. It is clearly not the desire or intent of the TRCS community to be exclusive. However, the current charter terms are moving both TRCS and the district toward greater disparity.

With receiving only 80 percent ADMw (average daily membership/weighted) per student, the situation is created in which only the highly motivated families, with sufficient financial resources, are drawn to TRCS (and away from the other district schools) in disproportionate numbers. If TRCS received closer to the full ADMw per student, this selection bias would be minimized and the student diversity at TRCS would better reflect the diversity found throughout the district. This seems extremely beneficial to all students being educated in the WL-WV school district.

The students and families at TRCS love being part of a stimulating and successful school. We also greatly value our place in the WL-WV School District and hope that future collaboration and support will grow and benefit all.

We know that the WL-WL School Board is tasked with an extremely challenging job, especially in today’s economic reality. Needs always seem to outstrip resources. We appreciate the labor of love and hope the school board agrees that fully supporting all the schools in our district is ultimately a win-win for the education of all of our children.

Stephanie Cha

TRCS and Sunset Primary School parent

West Linn

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