Congrats, Wilsonville Rotary

The Kiwanis Club of Wilsonville would like to congratulate the Rotary Club of Wilsonville on the great news of the eradication of polio in India. This amazing milestone has been credited to a partnership between the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Rotary International. It was reported that local Rotary clubs have contributed more than a billion dollars to the effort.

Each year, the Wilsonville Rotary summer concerts bring lively summer entertainment to the Wilsonville community, and among the concertgoers are Rotarians with buckets collecting donations for the eradication of polio.

In 2013 alone, over $6,000 was raised for the effort. It is gratifying to know that through the efforts of Wilsonville Rotary, our dollars dropped into those buckets add up to shield millions of children from misery.

As a fellow service club striving to make our community and the world a better place, we commend Wilsonville Rotary for all of their hard work for the community and the success of the polio effort.

Gary Wappes

President, Kiwanis Club of Wilsonville

Patrick Duke

Past president, Kiwanis Club of Wilsonville

Keep green spaces in Wilsonville

First of all, I want to say that I enjoy living in beautiful Wilsonville. There is, however, an issue I would like to bring up, if I may. The other day while out on a walk, I noticed that some trees had been cut down in the undeveloped lot across the street from city hall. I don’t know if that means that lot is now going to be developed. However, I have become very concerned about the amount of development that has been happening in and around town.

I realize that sometimes development is necessary to create jobs, provide opportunities and make a strong economy. However, it feels like monetary advantages are often the highest priority for the city. For example, there are at least three buildings (if not more) around Town Center Loop and Wilsonville Road that have a lot of unused, unfinished space in them. Is it necessary to pave over more green spaces to house buildings that will only be partially used? There is so much development and destruction of nature going on all around us that we are fast losing a valuable part of the livability of our community, our state and our world. I’m sure you are a very busy people, so you can understand that being able to have even relatively little pieces of nature in our community can be good for the spirit and for recharging the batteries. Taking care of our environment, including preserving natural spaces, is extremely important not only economically but for our general health and wellbeing.Therefore, I would like to request that we have more nature parks and green areas such as Graham Oaks Park worked into our community. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nicole Downing


Sign petition to help end taxpayer funding of abortions

You can help end Oregon taxpayers’ funding of abortions right from your home computer.

Since early last year, the Oregon 2014 Petition Committee — which I serve as a chief sponsor — has been working to put a measure onto Oregon’s November 2014 ballot to end state-government funding of abortions. To succeed, we need to collect the signatures of 116,284 registered voters by mid-May.

Tens of thousands of Oregonians already have signed our petition. We’re on pace to qualify our measure for the ballot. But we need your signature as well.


— In Oregon, via the Oregon Health Plan, taxpayers fund nearly half of all elective abortions. The number of tax-paid abortions in fiscal year 2011-12 was 4,191, at a cost to taxpayers of some $1.75 million.

— Over the past decade, Oregon taxpayers spent $16 million to fund 38,455 abortions.

— Today, the number of taxpayer-funded abortions in Oregon is at a 10-year high.

A recent Action Solutions/Edge poll of 448 randomly selected Oregonians — weighted for age, gender and party affiliation — found that 54 percent oppose taxpayer funding of abortions while only 37 percent support it.

Whatever your position on abortion, certainly you can agree: taxpayers should not be forced to pay for elective abortions.

It’s easy to get our petition. Go to, print a single-signature petition sheet, sign it and mail it to the listed address. By doing so, you can help end Oregon taxpayers’ funding of abortions.

Marylin Shannon

Oregon taxpayer and former Oregon state senator


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