DeanThe best years of our lives. The glory days. That's what everyone calls high school. These are the years where we make plans for our future and find out who we are.

High school is four straight years of memories, change and growth. And get ready, Wildcats! Here comes another year.

Each year in high school is different. Each year is another year of memories. Each year is a new set of goals, standards and dreams. And each year, we all change and grow up just a little bit, in our own way. Based on that, shouldn’t every year be different? Shouldn’t we do or strive to do something differently each year? So here’s my proposal:

For the freshmen: Focus. Don't become distracted by the glitz and glam of high school (what glitz and glam there can be found in a high school, anyway). If you get distracted, you'll end up trying to find yourself in the wrong places. And the real you will be lost along the way.

Now, sophomores: You made it through the first year. You’ve acclimated. You’ve adjusted. Now’s the time to really dive in. School spirit is contagious if you participate and let it in. Be a part of your school, Wildcats. You should love it and love being a part of it. Because our school will love you back and give you so much, if you let it.

For the juniors: You’re halfway done. So it’s time to stop looking back and start looking ahead. It’s time to start planning for your future and the rest of your life. This is the hardest year, so you must find a balance. The hard work is necessary, but biting off more than you can chew doesn’t help. Start to dream, juniors. And chase those dreams. Anything is possible if you work hard enough and dare to dream big enough.

At last, fellow seniors: Class of 2014, we’ve come a long way. Now, we’re almost out of here. But before we leave, I have one request: Finish strong. This is our last year, Wildcats, and this is our last year together. Let’s enjoy it. Work hard. Play harder. We have a lot of things to do and a lot of memories to make, whilst our time is dwindling. Let’s not waste a day, a second. We have nine months to leave our legacy, make our mark and enjoy what we have left of high school. Let’s get out of our heads, just for a year. Let’s sit back. Just a little.

This is the year, Wildcats — the year to dream, to succeed, to get involved and to get it right. Jump in, Wildcats. Jump in to the school — the clubs, the sports and your books. Chase your dreams into reality and don’t stop until they’re in your grasp.

The future is ours, and so are the memories. These are the glory days, for now anyway. Let’s treat them as such.

Perrin Dean will be writing a regular column for the Spokesman this school year. A senior at Wilsonville High School, she loves to write and previously has published poetry and original songs. This is her first column.

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