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Group gives WHS students a boost


WHS Booster Club gave $46,000 last year, including 12 scholarships

by: JEFF GOODMAN - The WHS Booster Club earns the majority of its income from selling concessions at sporting events. One volunteer, Karen Klassy, works the popcorn machine during the football game Nov. 1.Sports fans who line up outside one of four concessions booths around the Wilsonville High School sports fields probably aren’t thinking about much beyond the hamburger, nachos, cocoa, popcorn or other food item they plan to order while cheering their team on.

The people who organized and stocked the booths, however, are looking way ahead. They’re members of the school’s booster club, and they’re thinking about the funding requests that come from athletic teams, arts and academic programs and school clubs. The club also provides $1,000 scholarships to at least a dozen graduating seniors each year.

“These are not athletic scholarships,” booster club president Claudia Riewald said. “The boosters doesn’t represent just athletics. We represent academics, athletics, arts and activities. We fund a whole variety of things at our high school, where a lot of other booster clubs are strictly athletic.”

Last year, the boosters returned about $46,000 to the school. All that money went to purchase items of a lasting nature that will stay at WHS for the long term. Since the school opened in 1995, the boosters have given more than $600,000 to the school.

“Last year we supported the AP human geography class, basketball and dance teams, the football program, girls lacrosse, girls softball, tennis, track, the weight room and the world language department with mini whiteboards, speakers and iPod Touch apps,” Riewald said. “The year before, we provided money to band, to baseball, basketball, football and boys lacrosse. One year we gave quite a lot of money for graphing calculators. You never know each year what your funding requests are going to be.” by: JEFF GOODMAN - From left, Margie Shinn, Krista Kays, Delaine Barnes, Jennifer White and Karen Klassy work concessions during the WHS football game against Eagle Point on Nov. 1.

Anyone can become a member of the booster club, with membership starting at $15. Profits from Wildcat clothing and gear sales also go to the booster club. Items are available at Lamb’s Thriftway, with the store giving 100 percent of all sales to the club. A selection usually is available at games too.

The biggest source of income for the club is concession sales. Concessions also are the most labor intensive portion of the club’s agenda.

“It takes 20 volunteers alone just for a Friday night football game,” Riewald said. “Our facilities are so great we’re seeing more and more outside groups coming in and using our facilities.” Boosters sell concessions at WHS for events including Nike’s Mount Hood Challenge, cheer and dance competitions and youth football events.

Even as the sports fields and concession stands have gotten busier, Riewald said membership in the club has dipped.

“I think it’s just one of those things that people say, ‘Maybe I’ll do it, maybe I won’t,’” she said. “If they’re coming to our concession stands and buying our products or buying our sweatshirts, that’s great. That’s how many, many people support our booster club.”

The club has a 15-member board of directors. Riewald has been involved for about six years.

“The people who started the booster club many years ago, they did it right,” she said. “We have built on that and it’s been a positive, successful venture each year. It’s a fun, positive experience. ... It’s really very fun. There are wonderful friendships established. You meet a whole variety of people. It’s just a great way to meet people and to serve the public.”

“You watch how hard they work and the intentions that they have, it’s easy to support them,” WHS Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Dennis Burke said. “They’re ready to support anyone that needs it. ... (They are) wonderful people with the right intentions to help our kids out.”

Beside applying for grants, student clubs, teams and groups can earn money by volunteering to staff the concession stands during games.

“If they volunteer, they earn club payments,” Riewald said. “If two kids from the program and a parent from the program work a three-hour shift, we give $50 back to their program. That’s another great thing that we do to get the kids involved.”

The booster club holds meetings on the second Wednesdays of each month in the conference room at WHS. The public is welcome to attend. More information is available online at wvhs.wlwv.k12.or.us/Page/1161.

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