Molly Foster, first grade

“I would like to learn how to be a zoo vet. I have a pet fish at home, so I’m working on taking care of him.”

— Molly Foster, first grade

Chloe Lam, second grade“Keep my room clean. There are toys and clothes on the floor and stuff.”

— Chloe Lam, second grade

Carter Cutting, third grade“My new year’s resolution is to master fractions, decimals and algebra. But I also get inspired from Lopez Lomong, a lost boy of Sudan, who is now an Olympic athlete, to run. I want to run around my 7-acre (yard). I also want to make more friends.”

— Carter Cutting, third grade

Jordan Pierson, fourth grade“I want to spent more time with pets and animals and family. Sometimes I’m doing lots of homework and activities. In my family, we’re thinking of stopping some stuff, so we can spend more time together.”

— Jordan Pierson, fourth grade

Lauren Hurley, fifth grade“I want to work hard in school, be healthier, learn what is going to come next and be prepared for it.”

— Lauren Hurley, fifth grade

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