FLIR ONE pairs thermal imaging with the iPhone; R-Series ThermoSight puts the same tech on hunters' rifles

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: FLIR SYSTEMS INC. - The FLIR ONE is the first commercially available thermal imager designed to operate with smartphone technology. When it comes to accessories for the popular iPhone, it seems that the sky really is the limit, especially when it comes to new ways of using the phone's tiny camera.

Now, Wilsonville-based FLIR Systems Inc. has gone and done one better than simply providing the newest photo filter for Instagram users. The company recently announced the launch of FLIR ONE, the first consumer-oriented thermal imaging system.

Introduced Jan. 7 at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, it is the first device to put thermal imaging technology into the palm of the consumer’s hand. Previously, thermal imaging devices, while simple to use and effective, were much bulkier, being roughly the size of the radar guns found in professional baseball stadiums across the country.

By contrast, FLIR ONE attaches to any Apple iPhone 5 or 5s like a protective case and displays a live thermal image on the phone’s screen. This gives users the unprecedented ability to see in low light conditions and even complete darkness. And with a suggested retail price of $349, the device also occupies a reachable price point for many consumers, especially when compared to the $1,100-plus price tag on larger devices.

"FLIR is committed to the development of lower cost, user-friendly thermal sensing technologies to enhance vision and measurement beyond light," FLIR CEO Andrew Teich said in a company press release. "Lepton represents our latest, most dramatic step toward our vision of becoming 'the world's sixth sense.' Its revolutionary price, size and low power consumption will open new markets for the useful information and data that thermal technology provides."

Of course, being a smartphone-compatible technology, the FLIR ONE will also include the ability to share saved thermal images directly to the Web or social media sites.

And like a true smartphone accessory, the FLIR ONE will be offered in multiple colors — gray, white or gold — and will use a standalone rechargeable battery providing up to two hours of use. The company even boasts that with proper configuration the device can help boost iPhone 5 battery life up to 50 percent.

Like all thermal imaging technology, the FLIR ONE senses heat — actually infrared light — rather than light using the company’s new Lepton camera core. It incorporates much of the same technology as the company’s larger devices, which have long been used by military, law enforcement, commercial and other customers around the world.

It is envisioned by the company to fill a variety of roles around the house, including identifying heating or cooling leaks in buildings, finding studs in walls or locating water damage.

The introduction of the device at the International CES is no accident. The event was founded in 1967 and is now the world’s largest display of consumer electronics each winter. Among the now ubiquitous devices that saw their public unveiling here are the VCR in 1970, the camcorder in 1981, high definition TV in 1998, the Microsoft Xbox in 2001 and the BluRay DVD in 2003.

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Thermal imaging rifle sight

2014 is already marking a significant change in FLIR's sales strategy. The shift away from almost exclusively defense department and law enforcement-only products widened just a week after the FLIR ONE was released.

On Jan. 14 the FLIR ThermoSight R-Series, the first thermal imaging rifle scope priced under $3,500 was commercially introduced to civilian shooters. The R-Series line of thermal scopes uses company’s proven thermal imaging technology to provide recreational shooters the ability to see in complete darkness. It is the first commercial product in FLIR’s popular ThermoSight line of weapon sights, which previously only included models for law enforcement and military markets. The new line of sights is advanced enough, however, to remain export-controlled under federal law.

The R-Series is a fully integrated, stand-alone scope that attaches to common rifle rail systems. It is available in six different models with a range of wide and narrow field of view lenses and up to a 16X magnification.

“The ThermoSight R-Series scope leverages both FLIR’s expertise in developing advanced, military-grade imaging products and FLIR’s industry-leading cost structure to attain an unmatched level of performance and price,” FLIR CEO and President Andy Teich said.

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