Matthew Fischer is a senior at Lake Oswego High School and is one of seven teens appointed to serve the remainder of a one-year term on a city advisory board. He will serve on the Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board. Matthew Fischer

Over the summer he visited colleges with his father on the East Coast and in Chicago, whose South Side made a strong impression on him.

“When I say how run down the neighborhoods were, I gained a true appreciation for how much the community of Lake Oswego gives me every day,” he said. “Our schools are excellent, our streets are safe and people really care about the well-being of the community and each other. When I saw the notice in the paper regarding the opportunity to serve on an advisory board, I saw it as a chance to serve the city that has given me so much. I am particularly passionate about the environment, so the sustainability advisory board seemed like a great fit.”

Fischer said he was interested in making sustainable practices popular with citizens and businesses and thought using incentives was worth exploring.

“People usually shy away from being sustainable because it is either more convenient or cheaper to live in a way that is slightly more harmful to the environment,” he said. “However, economics tells us that everyone responds to incentives. If we can make being sustainable the easier and cheaper option, then a healthier planet will follow.”

Fischer plans to major in business or economics next fall.