To the Editor:

   In the last few weeks I have had two opportunities to observe the young people in action in this community. The first was during "The Greatest Elvis Show" sponsored by Tun/Mi Cancer House at the high school gym on Saturday, Oct 27. It was such a delight to see members of the high school band and chorus backing up the solo artists with such energy and enjoyment of the music, music that I listened and danced to as a teenager -- many moons ago! I was so moved by the innocence that shown through their unselfconscious bee-bopping to the music and so appreciative of Madras as a community that has fostered these wonderful kids.
   The second occasion for me to see youngsters en masse was on Halloween night at the downtown businesses which stayed open late to give out treats. Without fail, parents insisted their children say "trick or treat" and then "thank you" for the treats they received. It may seem like a small thing to you, but in my book, teaching those common courtesies to our children is too often neglected in today's world; and such teachings are just the surface of what the parents and teachers here are doing to grow such lovely young people as those I saw at the Elvis Show.
   Keeping these young ones, the future of our world, in the forefront of our thoughts will help us extend our vision, as a community, to make the choices we need to make as this community grows: to bring in enterprises that will contribute to the sustainability of small town values, the preservation of a clean and beautiful environment -- including our precious Opal Springs water, and a safe and gentle place for our children and their children into the next seven generations, as we have learned from the wisdom of Native American teaching.
   Beth Davis