Measure 3-387 is widely supported across the community

On the upcoming Nov. 11 election, Estacada voters have just one measure that is unique to them, Measure 3-387.

The measure seeks to annex 130.4 acres into the city limits. The property is located north of Rivermill Road and west of Highway 224.

Law states that the land must touch existing city limits and that there must be adequate city services such as schools, water and roads, all of which has been confirmed by the City Council.

'The city has been working on this for years,' city manager Bill Elliot said. 'When I came in, we went through an economic analysis and we wanted to create a large lot industrial park.'

In order to prepare for this land, the city went through an urban boundary expansion in June that included this property within that boundary. As a result, the land has been zoned for light manufacturing.

If the measure were to be approved, the land would be sold in individual parcels by owner Mike Park, with the only condition being how the land is split up.

Of the 130 acres, 55 acres may be split up and sold in any way Park sees fit, however the remaining 75 must be split into a 50 acre plot and a 25 acre plot, which would be sold as large parcels.

'There are two things going on here,' Elliot said. 'First there is the annexation, but we're also applying with Business Oregon to certify the area as 'shovel ready.' '

While some in the community may object to the industrial growth this measure provides, Elliot says that there has been very little opposition to the measure.

'We need more jobs and we want businesses that are offering more jobs in town,' he said. 'Right now a lot of people leave town for work, and while this would increase tax revenue, the real benefit is those jobs.'

What may make the decision easier for many voters is that this isn't the first time Park has gone through this process.

Right next to the land currently in question is a plot that Park has developed in the past within Estacada city limits, and that project created more than 200 jobs.

'I ask people to vote for this because ultimately it's about job creation,' Park said. 'I did the first layout for the industrial park right next to it and we attracted a lot of good businesses, which I hope to do again.'