WHERE ARE THEY NOW? - Bethy Rossos hosts the "Adrenaline Hunter"
by: contributed photo Bethy Rossos has taken to the football field, roller derby rink and Bigfoot trails during her time as host of “Adrenaline Hunter.”

Last year when Comcast SportsNet announced 'Wanted: Adventure Woman,' Mark Rossos immediately called his niece.

Bethy Rossos had grown up hunting, fishing and trying any sport. One of her biggest high school disappointments was not playing football.

Though hesitant at first, Bethy researched the show, lit up and told her family it was her dream. Out of hundreds of candidates, she was one of 12 chosen to be on 'Wanted,' and ultimately selected to host her own reality television series called 'Adrenaline Hunter.'

The show premiered April 12 and since then, Bethy has boar hunted, tempted a cougar, jumped out of an airplane and sought Bigfoot, among other adventure-seeking feats. Shoots can last from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., and every day offers a fresh thrill.

'It's the most stressful job I've ever had in my life,' Bethy says. 'But I really do love it.'

Bethy, 26, is a 2003 Damascus Christian School graduate, where she was an all-state basketball player and took second in the shot put at the 1A track meet during her senior year.

She went on to graduate from Eastern Oregon University and has spent the last three years teaching and coaching at Cedar Ridge Elementary, Sandy High School and Barlow High School.

According to her mother, Jeannie Rossos, Bethy has been fearless since childhood. Her father would hold fire-starting contests for his three daughters behind the family home in George (outside Estacada).

Bethy slept in the woods with her sisters and friends. She jokes that all her dad could hear those nights were screaming coyotes. But Bethy was never afraid during her childhood adventures, not even of being pinched while crabbing.

'She lives, eats and drinks adventure,' says Dave Kilian, teacher and head track and field coach of Barlow High. 'She was probably born with a bow in her hand for all I know.'

Kilian hired Bethy as an assistant track coach more than two years ago and now thinks of her as a sister.

When 'Wanted,' the first show, aired, Kilian, other friends, family members, and students gathered at Wild Wings in Gresham to cheer on Bethy. There came a point where the group ran out of space and chairs.

Jeannie says she was nervous watching the football and racecar driving episodes.

'I was just a wreck,' she says. 'Sometimes I look at her and think she comes across like she's really tough, but she's really a tender-hearted sweetheart.'

At the conclusion of 'Wanted,' the first show, Bethy's family picked her up at the Rose Garden, not knowing whether she had won her own series. Because Bethy lived at home, they learned her exciting news. But due to Bethy's contract, they couldn't tell anyone else for months.

This proved difficult when Comcast did background shoots at the family house and seven cars were parked there at a time.

'I love the Sandy-George area,' Bethy says. 'Our community is tight. I'm not a good liar. It was very hard to keep it a secret.'

Her official win garnered hurrahs from the community, especially students. Bethy says she doesn't ever have to ask a student to do something twice now.

'It's an opportunity to be on a platform and make a difference in kids' lives,' Bethy says. 'I adore them and love every second I have with them.'

Bethy's favorite adrenaline rush thus far has been roller derby. She grew up skating at Skate World, but hadn't put skates on since elementary school. She describes the derby episode as a 'three-day transformation' with the Sugar Skulls.

What does Bethy fear?

Throwing up.

She doesn't mind heights or scary movies, which she enjoys 10 times more by herself for the fear factor, but getting seasick is daunting.

In the future, Bethy hopes to have a family and children in the George area, with milk goats, chickens, pigs, cows, and 15 to 20 acres of land.

'I'm a country girl,' she says. 'I couldn't imagine living in a city. I wouldn't function.'

She plans to see where 'Adrenaline Hunter' takes her. In the meantime, when she's not busy filming, Bethy loves to cook -- she has a blog dedicated to international cuisine -- garden and fly fish, kayak and golf in the Sunriver area.

'She has the best attitude,' says Mark Rossos, Bethy's uncle. 'She says that even if she just does this one season, what a wonderful experience she will have had.'

'Adrenaline Hunter' airs at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on Comcast Sportsnet.

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