Mail delivery problem solved thanks to construction crew

Our neighborhood has recently been involved in the construction under way for a new high school, around the Sandy, Bluff road area. For the most part, things have

been fairly smooth. However, recently I was having a conversation with one of my neighbors, stating that I haven't been receiving any mail, but attributed it to not having any. She informed me the reason that our Bluff neighborhood hadn't received mail was due to the drivers not being able to pull their vehicle right up to the row of mailboxes. So I called the Sandy post office to verify what she had told me.

I thought it was a little crazy that the post office wouldn't have slipped a note in our box or something. They said the mail carrier is not allowed to leave the vehicle, and that would add too much time to their route. However, there are only two stops on the Sandy Bluff that are not having their mail delivered due to construction. The

post office told me to contact the project manager, which I did.

Once the project manager contacted me, they said they had several complaints, and they were trying their best to take care of the problem. Within a couple of hours, a crew from Konell Construction had our mailboxes to a more suitable position for the postal carrier. Now that is service, and this is why I love my small community and the people it serves. It's a shame the U.S. postal service doesn't have the same commitment to our community.

Shawna DeJohn