by: Eric Norberg The car driven by Paul Bruner of Steilacoom, Washington, skidded after the impact into the bushes on the west side of McLoughlin Boulevard. Although other motorists stopped to help, Bruner was reported uninjured, although his passenger was taken to Providence Milwaukie Hospital as a precaution.

At 9:17 am on Monday, May 16, Paul Bruner of Steilacoom, Washington, was just starting up, southbound on McLoughlin Boulevard, in the center lane, after the traffic light at Milport Street turned green.

When he had gotten up to ten to fifteen miles per hour, a Volkswagen New Beetle driven by Margie Rodriguez of Vancouver, Washington, plowed into the back of his car at full speed. She later admitted to officers she had been distracted by something in her car, and had not seen the car ahead - or, apparently, that the light had moments before been red.

Bruner's car, bashed in at the rear, skidded diagonally off the road to the right as he braked hard, coming to a stop just beyond the pavement. Other drivers stopped to render aid until police and fire agencies arrived.

In a testament to how cars are built to absorb impact these days, both drivers were uninjured. However, Bruner's passenger, Kim Turbow, of Liberty Lake, Washington, was taken by AMR Ambulance to Providence Milwaukie Hospital as a precaution.

McLoughlin southbound was closed later in the hour, with all traffic diverted on Milport to southbound 17th, to allow removal of the wreckage, since both cars were un-drivable. Ms. Rodriguez received a citation for following too closely.