Rosendin is contributing to its own new division headquarters in Hillsboro at the Brookwood Majestic business park

Rosendin Electric is working on what will soon be its own new headquarters in Hillsboro.

It's located at the Majestic Brookwood business park, 73 acres of master-planned commercial development that includes 1 million square feet of industrial, retail and office space.

Rosendin Electric has two men out on site right now, including Brett Strohlein, preconstruction and site manager.PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: JULES ROGERS - Workers from Commerce Construction lift walls and beams into place at the Majestic Brookwood business park in Hillsboro.

"We are the only ones working on it who will occupy it," Strohlein said. "Since it's our building, we wanted to install our own electric."

Rosendin claimed about 100,000 square feet of the 140,000 square foot office building.

"What we're doing is moving our office. We have two offices in Hillsboro, so we're consolidating those two offices to one large 92,000 square foot office," said Salina Brown, marketing and communications manager with Rosendin. "It's going to open up a lot of space for us to be able to include our warehouse and storage and a bunch of other items."

It's about a mile from Rosendin's existing offices.

"This new building is going to consolidate both offices into a 92,000 square foot space which will then be able to house the offices, warehouse, tools and equipment, prefab, BIM — everything is going to be in one location," Brown said. "We're just wanting to have everybody in one place instead of two offices."

Steve Collier, division 12 manager, told the Business Tribune Rosendin has been in Hillsboro since 1997.

"(The expansion) is primarily because of all the access to high-tech employers," Collier said. "We do a lot of work with Intel, we've been involved with most of the major data centers in Hillsboro, it's exactly where we want to be."

Open office

"The open office plan is a complete change for us," Strohlein said. "Going to open office from traditional, we need to make sure we open our minds and don't just do what we've always done."

He said they vetted furnishings vendors who created 3D renderings for them of the inside to help them transition.

"Millennials, they like to have space, they like to collaborate," Strohlein said. "A whole group we've hired, and interns we've hired from the west and mid-west — five in total — they're amazing to watch, they prefer to work in group environments."

He's seeing customers embrace the open office plan too, and says creating one for themselves keeps them in tune with what the customers are already doing.PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: JULES ROGERS - Andy Brush, superintendent with Commerce Construction, directs forklift traffic installing metal beams that will soon hold up the roof.

"For me, it doesn't change much. What I'm looking forward to the most is light, bright space with enough room to work," Strohlein said.

Rosendin will have 60 employees working in there to begin with, and could expand to 80 or even 100.

"We want to stick with a core group of people," Strohlein said. "Hopefully, we grow, if we see enough growth in the area."

If they do grow, their eye is on the other 40,000 square foot space in their building. Currently, a go-kart company is looking at it, but they couldn't say who.

"We anticipate adding skilled electrician jobs for sure," Collier said. "We have a pretty full staff right now."

Currently, Rosendin has 500 electricians out in the field. Growth is expected to be generated indirectly from Intel and other high tech growth in the area.

"Light, heat, the way that gets delivered to you is changing," Strohlein said. "It's going to evolve with the Internet of Things (meaning objects are connected to the internet). We have the manufacturers here in Oregon who make those microchips."

Hillsboro location

"Having experienced working in Portland versus Hillsboro, (the biggest difference is) access to people who can make decisions," Strohlein said. "In Hillsboro, if you're identified as a business that's going to create new jobs, they make themselves very open to assisting, it's very valuable."

Rosendin looked at four sites before choosing Majestic Brookwood's lot, because it was the only build-to-suit option.

"This is going to be a wonderful location in close proximity to the customer," Strohlein said."It's wonderful to have the first claim of space."

This Hillsboro space comes with an economic development tax credit.SUBMITTED: ANDREW BRUSH, COMMERCE CONSTRUCTION. - The open office plan is a complete change for us, Strohlein said. He said they vetted furnishings vendors who created 3D renderings for them of the inside to help them transition.

"We're seeing all these good things happen out in Hillsboro," Strohlein said. "Hillsboro really does a great job of only developing what needs to be developed."

He said the project coordinator at Majestic did a "fantastic job coordinating decisions that had to be made at higher levels."

"It went really smooth, but the devil's in the details," Strohlein said. "Majestic made it easy."

Majestic is experienced in working in other owner-builder situations, where Majestic maintains and leases the property.

"Industrial lands in Oregon are hard to find, or they're just not developable," Strohlein said. "Most are leasing out as fast as they can build … to high-tech rather than warehouses."

Rosendin plans to move into its new digs on October 1.

"Now, the building is close to having the roof up in the next couple of weeks," Strohlein said. "Then we'll go in and construct the inside."

By Jules Rogers
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