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CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonVacation homes. Lots of people have them. And lots also have problems with their printers after long absences.

If the "vacation printer" is an inkjet printer with four or more individual "tank style" cartridges then there is a good chance the printhead has clogged up from lack of cleaning/use and design.

By definition, inkjet printer cartridges are liquid ink. Ink evaporates & clogs printheads. There are two types of inkjet printers: "tank" style with four or more cartridges and "printhead" style with two (black & tricolor). Printhead style cartridges have the printhead as a physical component of the cartridge. When one is empty, clogged or "printing" poorly, simply replacing it means the printhead is being replaced too. And you're good to print.

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