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BEAVERTON LODGE - Margaret NormanMore and more research is being published about the benefits of keeping your mind active and engaged in a continual learning process in our senior years.

The old adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is just not true.

Studies show that you can learn just as well in your senior years if you maintain your motivation.

So, take that painting class you thought about. Write your memoir. Research your genealogy. Venture out on trips to museums, read a newspaper and do the crossword puzzle. Play bridge or brain-teaser games with others, which fosters friendships as well.

Studies have shown that keeping your brain stimulated helps retain mental alertness as people age because brain can grow new connections and pathways when it is challenged.

Exercising the brain can relieve sleep and mood disorders as well as improve your memory. Maintaining intellectual activity is essential to your brain health. One researcher says the education and information is for the brain what exercise is for the heart.

According to the National Institutes of Health (>, such activities may protect the brain by establishing "cognitive reserve," the brain's ability to operate effectively even when it is damaged or some brain function is disrupted.

In our ongoing effort to help our residents stay active and independent, Beaverton Lodge offers a host of brain-boosting activities, including art and craft classes, study groups, trivia, reading aloud, Bingo and Jeopardy.

Not only are brain exercises healthy, they're fun.

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