The notice affected customers living south of Farmington Road in Beaverton and Aloha.

COURTESY OF THE TUALATIN VALLEY WATER DISTRICT - A boil water advisory was issued for this area by the Tualatin Valley Water District on Wednesday. It was lifted Thursday at 2 p.m.As of 2 p.m. Thursday, July 27, water customers of the Tualatin Valley Water District south of Southwest Farmington Road no longer have to boil their water before using it, the district announced.

Customers in the affected area experienced a service interruption Wednesday, July 26, due to a broken valve on a water main. The total loss of water pressure meant it was possible, although unlikely, for the water supply to be have been contaminated when pressure was restored, according to the water district.

District staff flushed the water line and sent water samples to a state-certified laboratory for analysis, the Thursday afternoon announcement stated. All samples reportedly "passed" and the district was able to declare the water safe to drink.

The Tualatin Valley Water District also advises:

• If customers experience discolored water, they should first turn off the water and wait a few minutes before running the tap again. If the water is still discolored after that, they should run cold water until it clears. If it does not clear, they can turn off the tap, wait several more minutes, and repeat as necessary.

• Customers with discolored water should wait until their water is running clear before washing laundry. Light-colored clothing and linens are most susceptible to discoloration.

• Sputtering water is possible due to air that may have become trapped in the water lines. Customers experiencing a sputtering tap should turn it on slowly.

• Customers who notice low water pressure or volume should check their faucet screens for particles that may have become caught.

The boil water advisory issued Wednesday afternoon affected an estimated 5,650 water customers in the Beaverton and Aloha areas.

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