Kate Brown is an experienced state leader

I support Kate Brown for Oregon secretary of state because she has the vast political experience that this state needs. From her time in the Oregon House to being selected as the first woman Senate majority leader in Oregon history, Kate has blazed a path and broken down barriers. Her current barrier, Republican candidate Knute Buehler, has absolutely zero government experience and has spent exactly no time in any elected office — ever.

Oregon’s secretary of state acts as the state’s lieutenant governor. If the unimaginable happened and the secretary of state needed to be called upon to serve as interim governor, who would you choose? A seasoned public official who has spent decades solving problems, breaking down barriers and building relationships with the people who can make change in Oregon happen? Or a rookie who bought his way into office with no experience and no network of support in Salem and statewide?

The choice is clear — Oregon needs to re-elect Kate Brown for secretary of state.

Matt Koehler

Cedar Mill

Sheriff’s measure is a wise investment

I have lived on the same block in the Ridgewood area of Cedar Hills for 48 years. During that time, I can’t recall a single residential burglary anywhere close to my home being reported by nearby neighbors.

Washington County’s Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District is my police department. On the Nov. 6 ballot, the ESPD is asking for a 5-cent increase in its tax rate. If Measure 34-198 passes, it will raise my property tax by $10 per year.

This is $10 well spent. I’m voting “yes” — 34-198 is a good investment pure and simple.

Harry Bodine

Cedar Hills

Gary Coe has my vote for state Senate seat

My husband and I have lived in our Garden Home house for over 10 years. In all that time, we have never had a candidate for political office stop here. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to have Gary Coe, who’s running for Senate in our area, show up here one afternoon. As a family that depends on the success of a small business — and a large business — for our well-being and with two children in public school, we found Mr. Coe to be quite impressive.

He understands how business works — and how government can hurt it — because he’s had decades of successful small business experience right here in Portland.

Most importantly to us, Gary told us that adequate funding of schools is his top priority. With our school district — like most — facing large class sizes and general chaos, we need someone in government who wants to really focus on that issue.

I am surprised that our current senator has been the chairman of the Education Committee for years and has not been able to prevent the chaos.

I pay minimal attention to politics, so this visit was new to me. I enjoyed getting to know Gary Coe and plan to vote for him for senator in November.

Karen Danner

Garden Home

Voters should return Rep. Tobias Read to Salem

This election, we can return a good guy to Oregon’s Legislature.

Tobias Read is my representative running for re-election in District 27. I strongly support his re-election because he continues to support me, and people like me, in Salem. He listens to his constituents and cares about their opinions. He represents my views, and his vision for Oregon’s future tracks with my own.

He’s willing to tackle gnarly problems like improving our financial system to further great education for our children, good jobs for Oregonians, as well as a sustainable and healthy environment. He offers well-considered solutions for both traffic gridlock on the state’s roads and political gridlock in Salem.

Tobias is a thinker who cares. We need more people like him in Oregon’s House. Please join me in voting for Tobias Read, District 27, on Nov. 6.

Wendy Kroger


Don’t be misled by casino’s name on ballot

As a member of Tualatin’s historic Winona Grange, I am amazed at the blatant use of the grange name for a proposed casino complex in east Multnomah County. The grange has a long tradition of focusing on personal values and sustaining family and natural resources.

Encouraging more casinos across the state is exactly opposite to those principles. Canadian developers grabbed the term “grange” to brand their proposed casino and related “family” entertainment attractions without bothering to check that it’s the registered trademark of a century-old organization across America.

Certainly our local grange will never offer slot machines and blackjack tables to the public but will continue its long history of offering educational programs and rental space for music, dance, dramatic productions, church programs and good, old fashioned family fun.

For these reasons Ellie and I will be voting “no” on both Measures 82 and 83.

Larry McClure


Why is the governor afraid of casino ballot proposal?

Of course Gov. Kitzhaber is going to come out against the Grange. The governor before him, Mr. Ted Kulongoski, made lottery profits part of the state’s day-to-day budget. Many of us asked Kulongoski not to do this, as you cannot count on gaming revenues to fund your day-to-day budget as the monetary stream is something you can’t count on. Betting goes up and down depending on what the economy is, but Kulongoski ignored pleas and made lottery revenues part of the day-to-day budget anyhow.

Any competition to the lottery will threaten the current governor’s budget, though the taxes this casino will pay — unlike the Native American casinos — will make up for any lost lottery revenue and then some.

Why does the governor feel it is ok for the government to be in the gaming industry but not a private company? Isn’t the government supposed to look out for its citizens’ best interests and not take money from them via gaming machines?

A private casino will have better odds; only the casino has to make a profit, not the state and the business that the video poker/slot machines reside in. There will not be more crime. More jobs in East Multnomah County will mean less crime. There is less crime in Las Vegas than in other major U.S. cities. So please, quit trying to scare us with that old scare tactic.

As far as the company being from Canada? So what? Every time you buy a Honda, Toyota or Nike product, you are sending money to some other part of the world. About 2,500 jobs and health benefits sounds pretty good to me — casino workers can make $200 or $300 a night in tips on a busy night as bartenders or dealers. It is time we grow up and welcome this opportunity instead of letting the money stream elsewhere.

Look, Mr Kitzhaber, we know you are scared about your state budget, but many of us want to give this thing a shot; people who need jobs are scared. With jobs, they will pay state taxes. The state can’t lose with this thing, and the schools need the money too. This bill will pass some day — I hope it is this time. If not, maybe next time we would welcome this casino in Beaverton. I am not sure what East Multnomah County is afraid of, maybe success?

James Maass


Contract Publishing

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