Vote for Verbeek for a seat in state Senate District 17

Vote for John Verbeek for the Oregon Senate in District 17.

Mr. Verbeek, a financial-services professional, understands the real world of business and employment. “To grow the economic pie in Oregon and generate jobs,” he told The Oregonian newspaper, “we must keep taxes low and have a fair and predictable regulatory climate.”

Mr. Verbeek is strong on other issues as well.

He opposes any weakening of Measure 11, the mandatory-sentencing law voters approved in 1994. “We should guard against taking for granted the dramatic decline in violent crimes due to tougher sentencing laws,” he told The Oregonian.

In his responses to the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund questionnaire, NRA official Carrie Herbertson told me in an e-mail, Mr. Verbeek indicated he “is 100-percent supportive of the Constitutionally-protected rights of law-abiding gun owners” and “does not support either handgun registration or licensing.”

And Mr. Verbeek has been recommended to voters by Oregon Right to Life’s political action committee. The PAC, on its Website states, he is “affiliated with Oregon Right to Life, which lobbies in the Oregon Legislature for stronger legal protection for all people from the moment of conception until natural death.”

Voters in District 17 should send John Verbeek to the Oregon Senate.

Richard F. LaMountain

Cedar Mill

Don’t buy editorial cartoon ‘binder’ garbage

Regarding the editorial cartoon on Oct. 25 (binders), it’s no surprise that the Obama campaign will grasp at any straw, no matter how trivial, to sling mud at Mitt Romney.

As governor, Romney reached out to women’s groups to proactively recruit women for high positions in his administration.

Good for him!

The Valley Times insults it readers to assume we are so stupid as to buy the Obama “binder” garbage — shame on you.

Mike Johnson


School Board should honor Army Pfc. Andrew Keller

In a world that has been through so many changes for the bad, we need a change that is for the good and reminds us of our hope.

Our kids do not appreciate what is and has been done for them. I feel we never need to stop honoring our heroes who sacrificed for us. I am sure you feel the same way.

I feel we need to honor this fellow for his service and show our next generation what it really is to be a hero.

Please consider the name change to Andrew Keller Memorial Field.

Terrisa Beach

Snohomish, Wash.

State Rep. Harker gets things done in Salem

I am writing to express my support for the re-election of Rep. Chris Harker, Democrat, District 34. Our state is confronting very difficult issues such as high unemployment, declining budgets, deep cuts to our educational system and other very important social safety nets.

Rep. Harker has demonstrated in four years that he is a person of high integrity who is able to get things done in Salem. He owned a very successful business, so his views are based on entrepreneurship — not in the sense of profits, but balancing economic growth and protecting our environment and quality of life.

I support Chris Harker because he is the right choice for our district because of his skills as a statesman and deep concern for the well-being of all Oregonians.

Marcos Miranda


Beaverton High students stepping up to fight hunger

As a student attending Beaverton High School, I have been advised to address hunger in a way that captures reader’s attention. With that being said, I have decided to write a letter of opinion on what should be done to lower hunger rates in the state of Oregon.

Through personal experience, the feeling of hunger is not a settling feeling. Many families have come to a time where they have been forced to limit the food given to their children or some to the point of skipping meals.

Families have been affected by a poor economic time. Because of this, families are receiving a lower income, therefore creating trouble among feeding their household properly. Enough income for these families helps meet basic needs, and the need for food assistance is greatly reduced.

A bigger solution would be to have better state and local revenue, making it more possible to invest in services like schools to support growth in economic activity.

An even bigger solution would be to reduce the cost of living in Oregon to help families afford housing, childcare and medical insurance. These may not be immediate solutions, but with these possibilities, we can help create a safety net for families struggling.

The state of Oregon ranks third in the nation when it comes to hunger. This is a horrific statistic. With that being said, students of Beaverton High School are taking action and putting their annual can food drive on from Dec. 3 through Dec. 13.

We are helping the families in need through support of our community and collecting cans by donations.

I personally feel that we can create a safety net for the families in need.

Zoe Dodson

Raleigh Hills

Contract Publishing

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