Topics include media bias against the Trump administration and a 'yes' vote on January's Measure 101.

Newspapers show bias against President Trump

The Pamplin Media Group (parent company of The Times) obviously despises President Trump as almost all his coverage is extremely negative. That includes the political cartoons in both the Valley Times and the Portland Tribune.

Many of these are tasteless. There is a great hope among the Trump haters that the Mueller investigation will expose proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, although nothing has been found after several months of digging for dirt — any kind of dirt.

There does seem to have been collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russians, though. Both the uranium deal and the fake "dossier" need to be investigated just as thoroughly as President Trump is being investigated.

The Clinton Foundation benefitted greatly and ex-President Clinton received a big sum for a speech.

I don't really expect any objectivity with the national or local news media. The Democratic party and the media (which is just an arm of the Democratic party) are totally obsessed with the destruction of President Trump.

Troy Smith


Measure 101 'yes' vote protects kids

This is a crucial time for health care access in Oregon. Voting "yes" on Measure 101 this January is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that affordable health care is kept accessible for Oregonians.

As a clinical pharmacist at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, a federally qualified community health clinic, I know firsthand how important accessible health care is. Without the Oregon Health Plan, countless kids, seniors and people with disabilities end up in the emergency room because they aren't able to get the preventive care that they need. This includes medication monitoring with lab tests and regular check-ups for chronic disease states such as diabetes and hypertension. Also, patients need access to affordable essential medications such as insulin, anti-hypertensives, inhalers for asthma, and antibiotics for infections to reduce their risk of hospitalization.

Many Virginia Garcia patients are only able to come to their appointments because they have health insurance for their office visit copays and labs. Without insurance, the lab bill alone may be a barrier for many patients. Measure 101 stabilizes premiums and guarantees quality healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians, including 100 percent of kids.

Having health care is absolutely essential to a child's well-being. Without regular screening visits and vaccines, kids are left vulnerable, and when they're sick, they miss school and fall behind their peers. When kids miss school, parents also miss work. Measure 101 will ensure that 100 percent of Oregon's kids can see a nurse or doctor.

No one should have to debate whether they should go in for care. Please join me, and thousands of health care professionals across the state, in voting "yes" on Measure 101 this January.

Jennifer McElravey, PharmD, BCACP

Clinical Pharmacist

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center


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