Canby handles the recent cold snap successfully thanks to planning and preparation

The year’s first genuine cold snap produced few issues or problems for the city of Canby.

That outcome was the product of well-planned preparations to deal with these situations.

“The city’s general policy is to remain open during all business hours in an effort to provide adequate customer service during inclement weather conditions,” said Amanda Zeiber, assistant city administrator.

The City Council or city administrator could elect to open late, close early or close offices altogether, during potentially dangerous conditions, she said.

In that event, every effort would be made to notify staff and the public of any closures.

In the face of the cold weather, the city waste water treatment plant shut down its foam control mechanisms so they wouldn’t freeze, which creates a bit of a mess, said Dave Connor, lead operator.

Plant employees placed heaters around essential equipment and extra freeze control on some of the exposed pumps and motors, he said.

The weather slowed things down and created extra work, but it was manageable, he said.

The streets and collections department got a jump on leaf season before the cold weather hit, said lead worker Jerry Nelzen. Workers halted sweeping until temperatures were above freezing.

Public Works personnel already are filling sandbags in anticipation for the potential flooding season.

The collections crew has been cleaning drywells, catch basins and storm lines all year to prevent flooding this winter.

Residents can help, Nelzen said, by not blowing leaves onto city streets. That gets expensive for the city and could cause flooding and expensive after-hours work.

Dan Mickelsen, facilities lead worker, said the heat pump for the city shops does not work well when temperatures drop to 34 degrees or lower and everything must be switched to emergency heat during very cold weather.

And to get ready for winter, the city has installed studded tires on its transit buses and winter tires and studded tires on several police vehicles, said Joe Witt, lead mechanic.

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