Canby School District Superintendent John Steach foresees no major cuts looming for the coming school year, but it’s uncertain how many past cuts can be restored.

The special session Legislature gave K-12 schools extra funding going into the next year, he said. That, and if the state updates its school fund poverty calculations, could provide an extra $1 million going into the 2013-14 school year, he said.

“However, we have completely depleted our cash reserves, we still don’t have a full calendar, and there are probably several other areas in the district we have cut too deep and need to restore,” he said. “That will probably consume the increase.”

“We still offer a comprehensive program although our class sizes have been the largest they have ever been, and we still have not restored any of the programs cut over the last six years.

“I think we’ve hired less than a dozen teachers since I’ve been in Canby,” he said. “And we probably have seen close to 40 retire or resign.”

Last year was a busy one, a year of preparation, he said.

“We knew coming in this year we had to be ready for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, new teacher-principal evaluation requirements and a new student records system.

The district implemented in six months a standards-based grading system that should have been done over three years, he said.

“We’re in the first year of our new teacher and principal evaluation system. “We were given this about a year ago and told to put it in place.”

On the instructional side, we’re settling in with our new student record systems. We’re also getting more comfortable with our new grading system.

“It was difficult in that for the last two years, we didn’t have any professional development, maybe four hours a year.

“We had to really pack all of that training on all of those changes in four days in the fall.”

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