The new system will allow Canby PD quicker access to information and help with analysis

Canby Police Department.

The Canby Police Department unveiled a new records management system last week after the Canby City Council approved authorized a contract with Mark 43 Incorporated.

The new cloud-based system will allow Canby Police officers to store and analyze data online much more quickly and efficiently.

"This is going to make our work much more efficient," said Canby Police Chief Bret Smith. "This particular system is more intuitive. It's going to be faster for our officers to write reports and gather information thanks to the intuitive nature of the system."

The system is built on a cloud-based records management and analytics system whose goal is to make policing smarter, more efficient, and more accountable.

The system's platform is a web app that makes it easier and faster for police officers to enter police reports, reducing a process that can take several hours on decades-old legacy systems.

Smith noted that the software that most police currently use was designed in the '90s and hasn't been overhauled.

"This system will give us connectively to other law enforcement agencies in Clackamas County – access to reports, suspect information and crime information quickly," said Smith. "Marion County, Salem and working its way toward the coast are all looking at it, too. Again, that will increase our connectivity to them, which will make collecting information much quicker."

Mark43's software is aimed at addressing two main problems with the system most police forces currently use – poor usability and slow speeds. Mark43 offers a cloud-based system that police officers can access on tablet that can allow them to view everything from arrest reports to investigations to data sharing and analysis.

It's Cobalt platform unites a set of law enforcement tools securely in the cloud, making access to reliable and actionable information a reality.

"It will allow us to get a bigger picture of the crime reporting information out there," said Smith, who added that the analytics will help with turning partial names or telephone numbers or license plates into a potential whole description the police can use to further an investigation.

"It's going be good for us and we believe we will save money on this," said Smith. "There's a slight increase on the front end because of the transfer, but I think we'll recoup that quickly in terms of efficiency and time management."

The cost of the system comes to $80 per sworn officer per month or $960 per sworn officer each year. The Canby Police Department is using 25 sworn officers that will have access to the Mark43 system. The first three years, the annual cost for all sworn department members is fixed at $24,000, with slight increases in year four and year five. Total cost of the contract is $122,181 for five years.

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