A twelve-person jury trial will take place in March if a plea resolution cannot be reached before then

CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - A twelve-person jury trial was set for March 1 in the case of Lee Weigand, a former Canby pastor who was accused of nine counts of sexual abuse.A twelve-person jury trial was set today in the case of Lee Wiegand, a former Canby pastor who was accused of nine counts of sexual abuse.

Wiegand's current plea is not guilty on all counts, according to Senior Deputy District Attorney Scott Healy.

Wiegand attended a case management hearing Dec. 20, where Healy disclosed that another witness has been interviewed in the case.

A trial by jury was set for March 1, 2018.

Plea negotiations are ongoing though, and it is possible that attorneys may come to a plea agreement before then.

"Today, we set up a trial, but that doesn't mean that there still couldn't be a possible plea resolution in the future," Healy said. "I'm kind of waiting for the defense to provide me mitigation information."

According to Healy, Wiegand's attorney Michael J Clancy said that he could provide that information, anything that might be considered positive for Wiegand, in the next two to three weeks.

"If the case isn't able to resolve by a plea of guilty to some of the charges, then we'll have a trial," Healy said.

Healy was unable to divulge any further details since the case is open, but he said that the case is following the normal process.

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