Canby Utility reports that local businesses have been targeted and folks should be wary

Canby Utility has been notified by several of its business customers about being contacted by scammers.

They are representing themselves as Canby Electric-Utility and target different classes of customers throughout the year. It appears they are targeting the business customers in the Canby area now.

The Canby Herald.

According to Dee Anne Wunder, customer service supervisor at Canby Utility, "The caller knows the address of the business, business name, and area zip code. These scammers are professional, and appear to have a foreign accent. The caller indicates to our customer that they have a pending work order to disconnect the services immediately; the caller actually provides the customer a work order number. They tell the customer that they are 90 days past due and to avoid disconnection they need to call 800-770-7682, ext. 1 to make a payment immediately. This is an active phone number that is being answered by a live person."

This is not a practice that Canby Utility has, said Wunder. Canby Utility issues a billing statement, which is due two weeks from the statement date. If payment is not made, a delinquency notice (yellow) is issued one week from statement due date, giving customers one more week to make a payment arrangement or payment. If payment is not made by the delinquency due date, a disconnect notice (red) is then issued on the following Monday. This gives customers one more week to make their payment before services are disconnected; a courtesy call is made one to two days prior to services being actually turned off.

For more information, or if you've gotten a suspicious call, contact Canby Utility at 503-266-1156.

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