Halloween activities a kickoff to food and toy drive

To the editor:

Things are gearing up for the Canby Community Food and Toy Drive. The Journey to OZ and Scare if You Dare event at the fairgrounds and Hallowtween at The Place to Be are just two activities that have earmarked donations for the CCFTD.

These events are organized by local people who just want to make a difference. Also, beginning the first week in November, many local businesses will have barrels out for food and toy donations that will be collected through Dec. 17. All donations are for families who reside within the Canby School District boundaries. More information will be available in the coming weeks in the Herald and on the Canby Kiwanis website

In the meantime, we encourage community members to take part in these Halloween- themed events.

Sharon Schneider

Canby Kiwanis Club

Thanks offered to help with playground project

To the editor:

We want to thank the community of Canby, the alumni, and current members of Canby Community Preschool for the generous donations they have provided over the last several years.

In particular, we want to thank the following contributors: Corey Lohman of Emerick Construction, Mali and Dana Geister of Timber and Steel Artisan Builders, Liz Thorstenson of Green Bridge Studio, Lowell Chaffey, Tony and Pam Boyer of BBC Steel, Trevor Boyce of OBC Northwest Inc., Ron Hogan of H&H Inc., Bill Phillips of Phillip's Soil Products, Simnitt Nursery, Angie and Paul Miles of Whiskey Hills Plants and Rick Snyder of Cornerstone Hardscapes.

The playground is a dream come true and we couldn't have done it without the help of our generous donors.

If you have a chance, come see the improvements to our playground at the United Methodist Church, where we rent space, at 1520 N. Holly Street.

Andy Fowler and Anne Bangs

Teachers, Canby Community Preschool

Give North Marion SD tools it needs with operating levy

To the editor:

North Marion School District is asking the voters to approve a supplemental operating levy. I have read some other letters to the editor over the past few weeks and all seem to be in support of this levy.

I was a second generation North Marion grad and two of my sons were third generation graduates. Both went into the military soon after and served in the Middle East. I have learned a lot through my son’s experiences.

I learned that almost everybody around the world all have the same wants — a roof over their heads, food on the table and a better life for their children. It seems the keys to all of these is through education.

North Marion Schools are fortunate to have some very fine teachers, coaches and support staff. Let’s honor them by giving them the tools they need to educate our future.

Gary McLaren


NMHS class of 1977

Make an informed vote in regards to Aurora Fire vote

To the editor:

I am not a resident of the Aurora Rural Fire District but I know many of the fine people that reside there.

The district is asking the taxpayers for more money to support operations at current levels. Sounds reasonable but, as you may have heard, the district is suing a local nonprofit, the Donald Community Organization (formerly the Donald Firefighters Association).

Why are they spending your money to pursue what is basically a hissy fit?

Sounds like sour grapes to me. Also, the nepotism on the board and command staff should be viewed as a cancer that needs to be removed.

Call the district and ask how much the chief is paid and what his professional firefighting credentials are? You may very well be surprised! Is this how your money should be spent? Ask questions. Your vote is important. Make it an informed one.

Jay B. Mulkey


Writer calls for moving city pieces around again

To the editor:

The Canby Herald edition of Oct. 16 reported that the new library investment is still on the front burner. And you are about to approve a debt to the taxpayers to the tune of $14 million-plus and that could only be the start.

We, the taxpayers, have a bond indebtedness of $8.9 million for the library and city hall.

Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of a library is “a collection of books, periodicals, etc. for reading and reference.” Not a series of workshops, knitting and crocheting and least of all pumpkin carving.

My suggestion is to move the library to the existing police station. Use the $8.9 million bond issue, which we are going to have to pay off, for a new city hall and police station in the center, where the existing city hall is located. The series of “special activities” should be scheduled in the closed elementary building.

The total debt, existing new police station and what you are now proposing on a population of 15,500 is morally wrong.

Frank Barich


Contract Publishing

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